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Independent 7084 by Virgilius

Posted by nmsindy on June 30th, 2009


An incredible puzzle – absolutely brilliant.   In line with 14 across EVERY across solution  had the name of a tree within the word as an internal part.   The clues are, as always from Virgilius a real joy.    Solving time, 12 mins.   In across clues, trees shown in bold.     Many thanks, Virgilius!

* = anagram

7 EYE  “I”  WASH (seem convincing)   YEW

8 ALIMENT  cf ailment      LIME


11 C (AS) H I.E. R    ASH

12 S OAKS    OAK


14 TREE-HUGGERS   on the level = horizontal i.e. the across solutions

19 SLOPE ARMS   Cryptic definition    PEAR

22 A F IRE   FIR

24 PELMETS   (temples)*  ELM


26 DEP (LUM) E   (deep)*    Very straightforward wordplay for the unfamiliar word  PLUM

27 STEARIN   (nastier)*  TEA


1 PERSIA   (praise)*


3 CHASER   Superb double definition


5 DIE (the in German) S E L   first letters

6 DEVIANTS  (saved in t)*

7 ELAPSE   Hidden

9 TURN TO   if you turn ‘to’, you get OT (Old Testament)

14 T (ROLL)OPE  (poet)*    Brilliant surface


16 EX (A MP L) ES

17 I (SO) POD


20 EYEFUL    Great cryptic definition

21 SO REST !

23 IGNORE   (region)*

7 Responses to “Independent 7084 by Virgilius”

  1. IanN14 says:

    Like you say, nms, thanks yet again Virgilius.
    I always look forward to his.
    Loved 2d. and especially 3d.

  2. Ali says:

    I’d skipped past 14A and had solved most of this before I realised what was going on. Once I’d cottoned on (and stopped briefly to marvel at the genius of the construction), the remaining across clues were much easier.

    All told, a brilliant puzzle from a consistently brilliant setter. Good to see iPod being used in clues now too.

  3. Colin Blackburn says:

    Nice puzzle. I stuck in FIRED for AFIRE which held me up in that corner despite the obvious anagram leading to IGNORE and the doubt of ‘ired’!

  4. Mick H says:

    Great stuff. I had to search for the nina when I was stuck on the last couple of clues, and only saw it because it was clear TREE-HUGGERS must hold the key. But that helped with SOAKS and SLOPE ARMS (a new one on me, but the nearest I’ve got to the army was cutting the grass for them in Berlin back in the 80s).

  5. NealH says:

    This was brilliant stuff. I thought of tree huggers straight away but had no idea why it was the answer until I’d got a few of the across solutions. Only deplume held me up for a while because the word itself was unfamiliar and I hadn’t come across lum for chimney either. Fortunately, the tree theme helped when I noticed that plum fitted.

  6. Mike Laws says:

    Surprised no one’s mentioned the extra ASH in 7 across. EYEWASH has inevitably frequently been clued by something involving “two trees”, and I’m sure that’s why it was used for the first clue.

  7. nmsindy says:

    I noticed that when solving but put it down to coincidence as the theme TREE-HUGGERS suggested the trees had to be contained within the clues, rather than at either end – also ASH was separately used in CASHIER.

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