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Independent 7,087/Eimi

Posted by Ali on 3rd July 2009


An interesting solve. Having got the first 3 down answers immediately, I was convinced that there was probably going to be a perimeter message reading ‘HAVE….’. It wasn’t until I got WOODSTOCK and ISLE OF WIGHT that I twigged that the theme was instead festivals, a number of which are given in across answers. I’m definitely aware of Glastonbury, Brighton, IoW, Cannes, Sundance and Venice, and I’m guessing that Camden and Cambridge probably have them too. Not sure about Cairo though.

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Financial Times 13,119 / Bradman

Posted by shuchi on 3rd July 2009


When I see a Bradman puzzle I brace myself for a toughie. This started off smoothly enough on the left but the right half was slow to fall. A few new words for me such as SANHEDRIN and COLUMBINE, which took some time to work out. The fair wordplay helped.

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Enigmatic Variations 868: Excellent! I Cried by Jophu

Posted by Dave Hennings on 3rd July 2009

Dave Hennings.

Nineteen normal clues, with the rest needing one or two added or subtracted letters; that sounded a bit tricky. It proved to be a tougher puzzle than most EVs recently. The NE corner was easier than the other three, and led to one of the two unclued entries being something like “unpredictable”, except beginning with a P. Yet again an initial thought got stuck in my head. But wait, it’s two words, so it’s PERIODIC TABLE and the other one must be ATOMIC NUMBERS with the missing and extra letters being the chemical elements. I’m sure many of you got it from the first few extra/missing letters; indeed there’s probably one lucky soul who got it after reading the preamble!

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Guardian 24,742 (Brummie)

Posted by diagacht on 3rd July 2009


Not having a lot of time this morning I was happy that this was rather straightforward. A few clues held me back, 17ac in particular. Also not entirely sure about 22ac. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inquisitor 130 – CINEMA CLASH by Lato

Posted by duncanshiell on 3rd July 2009


When I see the word ‘Cinema’ in a crossword title I tend to go Ugh! as I am not film literate. However, as is often the case with barred cryptics, the title turned out to be cryptic itself.

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Independent 7082 by Punk (Sat 27 June)

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 3rd July 2009


This puzzle was difficult but entertaining, with themewords at three evels – 23D GOON, the three Goons. at 13, 19, 16D, and characters associated with them at 15, 6 & 2, and 16A & 1D respectively. It was maybe a minor weakness that only one Secombe character could be squeezed in. Although I wasn’t alive when the Goons were popular and have never been a great fan, all the characters rang some kind of bell – possibly because they’re what the Wikipedia article calls major characters.

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