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Private Eye/Cyclops 394 – Political expenses

Posted by beermagnet on July 6th, 2009


Solving this went in waves.  A smattering of easy clues were entered quickly (e.g. Louvre, Political Asylum) and I thought it would be an easy solve.  Then I came to a halt and now I don’t know why.  When I picked it up later the clues began to tumble faster towards the end, though I had to think about some of the wordplay.   Finally I really enjoyed this one.

7 LOUVRE (LOVER)* AInd: pisspoor around [fra]U
8 KIBOSHED KI[d] (youth, dateless) B.O (personal hygiene problem) SHED (erection) Def: Halted. Last to go in. I didn’t see Kid for Youth till I finally thought of the answer (I had Youth=Lad on the brain and was trying to make Laboured fit somehow)
10/19 POLITICAL ASYLUM DD one of them a CD or is this simply a charade? : Westminster mad-house. Probably a charade (in both senses!)
12 THEIR Convoluted wordplay here. Full clue:
The Real IRA, lacking guts, having lost one of them (5)
I’m willing to be corrected but I think this is THE [real] IR[a], i.e. the whole phrase “The Real IRA” without the middle letters (lacking guts), and then take away the “a” (having lost one), Def: of them
13/15 EXPENSES CLAIMS (MP LICENSES A SEX)* AInd: change Topical
16 AIR FORCE ONE (OF CAREER NO.1)* AInd: ballsing up. Use A I for 1. Nice Def: In which Bush can no longer get around
22 UNCLE SAM UNCLES (relations) A M (boss of British agent)
24 LAGER (REGAL)< Though I’ve seen this idea for LAGER/REGAL before this clue felt original:
As Brenda knocked back booze (5)
25 SUCCESSOR (C[ivil] S[ervice] SOURCES)* AInd: unreliable
27 MASTERLY (SLATER)* AInd: vibrated. Inside MY (Cyclops’s) Def: Crack, in the sense e.g. of a crack marksman. Maybe Cyclops included this so he could boast of setting a masterly clue.
28 MOVIES (I’VE)* AInd: screwed around, inside (admitted) MOS[s]. Great surface reading here earns this the top-clue award:
Kate endlessly admitted: “I’ve screwed around – here’s the pictures!” (6)
2/26 BULLSHIT BULLS HIT (Archers success tally)
3 BRITON IT (sex) inside BRO[w]N
4/25 WILL SELF WILLS (The Prince) ELF (the Fairy)
5 PORTILLO PORT (left) ILL (dicky) O (bugger all)
6 CHEESINESS DD one of them a CD: The state of Gloucester?
9 DURESS [yo]U inside DRESS (sack)
11 CREDO RED (bloody) inside CO (firm)
17 RAT-ARSED RAT (bum) ARSE (bum) D[ead]
18 CYNIC C[it]Y (City’s lost its heart) NIC[k] (75% cut)
23 LIE LOW LIE (Do an Archer) LOW (sound beastly)

2 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 394 – Political expenses”

  1. The trafites says:

    16ac – it is in fact NO.1 = i, thus ‘OF CAREER NO I’

    We enjoyed this again – Cyclops is a clever compiler.

  2. beermagnet says:

    You’re right I can’t count (if that’s what you do with letters)

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