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Azed 1,935

Posted by Gaufrid on July 8th, 2009


My apologies for this being posted later than usual. There appears to have been a problem with the scheduled blog.

As with my Azed blog a couple of weeks back, I didn’t know I was going to be covering this puzzle and so didn’t make any notes when I solved it ten days ago. I hope I have remembered everything correctly but in case I haven’t please excuse any errors.

1 FLYSCH  hidden in ‘chieFLY SCHistose’
6 ASANA  A (all) S (sections) ANA (in equal quantities)
12 NESH  NE (not old) SH (mum)
14 TOTAL THEATRE  T (tons) in TO ALTHEA (Lovelace dedication) TRE[at] (discuss but not at)
15 OPALINE  PALI (sacred language) in ONE (a certain)
16 SENATE  N[arthex] in SEATE[d] (mostly sitting)
18 ASHE  ASHE[t] (server with end of net removed)
21 TRES  TRES[pass] (sin dispensing with amorous advance)
23 CEROON  OO (pair) in CERN (nuclear research establishment)
26 GLEANER  [harvestin]G LEANER (thinner)
28 CARPENTER-BEE  PENT (confined) in CARE (charge) *(BEER)
29 ABORNE  A BORNE[o] (country in E. Asia almost)
30 CION  hidden in ‘suspiCIONed’
32 SENSA  *(ears noses) = SENSA rose
33 PRONTO  N (number) in PROTO (mine rescue apparatus)

2 LIE OVER  IE (that is) in LOVER (partner)
3 YUSTONE  [h]USTON (‘Ollywood director) in YE (the old)
4 CHELA  hidden in ‘suCH ELAtion’
5 HUSTLE  S[ell] T[atty] in HULE (rubber)
6 ARCHIE  *(AH RICE) &lit – Archie Rice, a character in John Osborne’s play ‘The Entertainer’.
7 SCIENCE  CIE (French company) in S[apie]NCE (discernment)
8 NATTY  dd – Hawkeye is the nickname of Natty Bumppo, a character in a series of novels by James Fenimore Cooper.
9 ALERT  *(the alarm) = ALERT am h
10 SE DEFENDENDO  *(FEEDS) END END (couple of scraps) O (old)
17 TALENTS  LENT (given but not for keeps) in TAS (Tasmania)
19 SORBIAN  ORB (world) in [a]SIAN[s]
20 HOLE OUT  OLEO (fatty stuff) in HUT (cabin)
22 GENERA  *(GREEN) A[ccepted]
24 TABUS  TA (cheers) BUS (coach)
25 GRONE  R (rule) in GONE (weak)
27 NEVER  hidden in ‘genuiNE VERsion’

3 Responses to “Azed 1,935”

  1. Andrew Kitching says:

    I got 1a and 1d straight away, and thought I was on to a winner. However, got bogged down with about 2/3 done. Needed help with 14a, and had to ‘phone a friend’. Didn’t knoe 8 NATTY either.

  2. Jake says:

    Thanks for the blog Gaufrid I really struggled with this puzzle, so thanks for the answers I did not manage to complete. same as Andrew Kitching 2/3 done. I got ‘natty’ as I’d seen a similar clue last summer.

  3. Richard Heald says:

    I thought 14Ac was brilliant – the sort of wordplay opportunity that only Azed would spot.

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