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Independent on Sunday 1012 (5 July 2009)

Posted by nmsindy on July 9th, 2009


I found this much harder than usual because of some items in the top half of the grid that were new to me and a silly mistake with 6 across which meant I did not get 6 down for ages. Solving time, 45 mins

* = anagram <= reversed


1 BLACK (Grimly humorous) CAT (act)*

6 ENS URE I’d pencilled in ‘ins’ (inches) as the measures rather than printing measures ‘ens’ i.e. giving me ‘insure’. But ‘safeguard’ (the definition) is much closer to ‘ensure’ than ‘insure’

9 RETAIL THERAPY Cryptic definition, punning on ‘counter’. Less of it these times, perhaps.

10 PEAR LIES Have to admit I did not know pearlies = teeth but dicts (e.g. ODE) confirm so this held me up too.

12 THE R(A)M therm = some heat (unit of heat), but easy to get distracted by looking for the letters of ‘heat’

13 SOKE “Soak” Apologies to the people of Peterborough but this famous area there was unknown to me before tackling this puzzle.

15 S MOO (CH) ED

17 HU (STLIN) G a = ace escaping from Stalin

18 APES Hidden reversal going in the direction “to the West” as on a map.

21 ARTIST 1 = I in (start)* with pun on ‘constable’ giving a policing surface.


24 HIGH EXPLOSIVE for which HE is the abbreviation.

26 STOR(M)Y maiden over (cricket)




3 CU (ThE)R

4 CH (IT) IN Another new word to me – the wordplay was friendly. Found in crustaceans etc.

5 T(he) O.T. Old Testament


7 SPACESHIP (peas chips)*

8 R E Y (N) ARD &lit Good clue

11 S (EMIN) AR Tracey Emin and RA’S i.e. artists (from answer to 21), reversed

14 Henry KISSING ER (The queen) Strange one, this.


17 HARD HAT(e)

19 SURF EIT (tie)<

20 VI GO UR Vi (a girl’s name) and VI = 6 in Roman numerals

23 CH IN A Cockney rhyming slang mate = China plate

25 POW(ers) prisoner-of-war

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9 − = six