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Financial Times 13,128 / Gozo

Posted by Agentzero on July 14th, 2009


This appropriately French-themed puzzle was a pleasure to solve.  Fortunately my rudimentary French was enough to get me through!

Also, kudos to the FT for publishing the puzzle on their website as a nice, clear pdf file (in lieu of the blurry gif files of the past).  They appear to have made the change as of the July 11 (Saturday) prize puzzle.

1 ALSACE Hidden in sALSA CErtainly
4 SORBONNE SORE (miffed) around BONN (capital).  Former capital, strictly speaking.
9 DOUBLE DO (make) + *(BLUE)
10 LORRAINE OR (golden) RAIN (weather) in LE (the, French)
12 BASTILLE The reason for the theme
13 GENEVA Hidden in heAVEN EGyptian reversed
16 GARE DU NORD GA (state; postal code for Georgia) RED (radical) *(ROUND)
19 STRASBOURG *(BURSARS GOT) City in Alsace-Lorraine
20 ODER O (love) DER (the German)
23 LOUVRE dd
25 CEVENNES VEN. (venerable, as a title) in *(SCENE)
27 CUL-DE-SAC CASE (luggage item) + L (left) in DUC (French duke), all reversed
28 LE MANS LE (the, French) MANS (chap’s)
29 ARTISANS AR (arrive) T (time) *(IN SAS)
30 ITCHES *(THIS CE) One has to substitute CE for “church” before anagramming, making this an indirect anagram
1 AUDIBLE AU DIABLE (to the devil) minus A
2 SPUN SUGAR SPUN (turned) SUGAR (Sir Alan, of Apprentice fame)
3 CALAIS C (caught) ALAS (sad to say) holding I (one)
5 OBOE even letters of nOt BrOkEn
6 BORDEAUX O (ring) RD (road) in BEAUX (dandies)
7 NAIVE EVIAN (mineral water) reversed (“upset”).  This is a pet peeve of mine: because the reversal indicator appears between the definition and the fodder, there is no way to tell from the clue itself which is which.  I entered EVIAN at first, which slowed me down on 4 ac and 13 ac.
8 EMERALD dd, referring to the Emerald Coast between St Malo and Mont St Michel
14 PERRIER PERR[y] (an alcoholic drink made from pears) I.E. (that’s) R (right)
17 OGDEN NASH GO reversed + DEN + NASH (John Nash)
18 USURPERS P (power) in USURERS (loan-sharks)
19 ST LUCIA A1 (top-class) CULTS (religious groups), all reversed
22 REVERT RE (second note in the solfa scale) VERT (green, in France)
24 UNLIT A bed in French is UN LIT
26 MAIN dd (“hand” in French)

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,128 / Gozo”

  1. jetdoc says:

    I haven’t done the puzzle yet, but want to register my approval of the new file format. Well done, FT (about time too)!

  2. mhl says:

    Thanks for the post, Agentzero. This was a very enjoyable puzzle, I thought, and I’m also delighted that the online version of the FT crossword is now legible when printed :)

  3. Andrew Kitching says:

    Well done FT! Will be doing your puzzles more often now that it is in PDF format

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