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Independent 7098 by Morph

Posted by nmsindy on July 16th, 2009


A puzzle in the offbeat style I associate with Morph who I had the pleasure of meeting at Sloggers and Betters 5 back in May. Solving time, 29 mins.

Two intersecting 13-letter entries at the centre of the grid form a cross, in line with the answers to those clues.

* = anagram


7 AN (ARC) HIC arc (part of ring) in (China)*

9 OBTA IN (boat)* Definition: come by

10 CONS Double definition and crossing PROS in the downs.

11 WOOD PECKER (Ho ho)


14 SPEC (one of a pair cf specs) I (abbrevation for in, I think) MEN (pieces, chess)

15 CROSS-PURPOSES “Expressions of party political and religious faith are such sources of misunderstanding” Got this on first run through from ‘sources of misunderstanding’ eg in the phrase ‘at cross purposes” with the enumeration helping too. Crosses are expressions of political faith (Xs on a ballot paper) and religious faith, but I’m not sure if there is more to this re the purposes, or maybe I’m looking for too much.

17 WHO CARES? (how races)*

19 PA (Old man) ELLA Fitzgerald (Jazz singer)

21 BRAINCHILD “Original idea cryptically applied to brat” Definition: original idea, I guess, but I can’t quite see the rest, maybe that a brat is a child with ‘bra’ in it (bra in child) but not sure.

22 CO-OP cf COOP This was my favourite clue.

23 UNC LAD Dad’s bro (brother) = uncle with the contraction hinting at doing the same with uncle, I think to make ‘unc’.

24 NEWS PEAK From George Orwell’s 1984.


1 IN SOLE Wordplay giving a misleading cricket context.

2 PROS Double definition

3 THE (article) WORKS (factory) The Full Monty = The works (everything)

4 TO (U) PEE U-bend

5 STOCK ISSUE Excellent cryptic definition

6 WIRE (LES)S (wiser)*

8 CROSS- QUESTION 17 is a question – cross (X) the multiplication symbol

13 BRONCHIOLE This refers to a butler at the keyhole (“favourite spot to hear”), very imaginative

In the cryptic reading butler’s outside = BR (first and last letters) ON CHIOLE “keyhole”

15 CO (HE) RENT co-rent


18 RECEDE “re-seed”

20 LOOF AH fool (reversed)

22 COP Y

3 Responses to “Independent 7098 by Morph”

  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    21ac I think you have to cryptically read “to brat” as bra in tot and hence brainchild.

  2. petero says:

    Thanks both for the explanation of 21a. and 13d.; I had guessed them without being sure of the wordplay. 8d. is a triple definition – 17a. sounds testy. Altogether an excellent puzzle.

  3. Allan_C says:

    A bit late, but if anyone else is still reading these blogs, the cricket reference in 1 dn is not all that misleading. Doug INSOLE played for Essex for seventeen years (as captain the for ten of them); he represented England in nine Test matches; he served as an England Test selector for ten years; and he managed two England tours of Australia. He was appointed CBE in 1979 for services to cricket.

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