Never knowingly undersolved.

Independent on Sunday 1013 by Quixote (12 July 2009)

Posted by nmsindy on July 16th, 2009


Solving time, 20 mins.

* = anagram < = reversed


1 FAST Double definition – clue dividing at anything/impure

3 HACKNEYED My favourite clue “Overfamiliar and cheeky when mixing” (and cheeky)*

9 RA(N)GE thing = what’s fashionable

10 LIE IN WA(I)T Tyler

11 BE (RE) T

12 SATANISM (Mass ain’t)*

13 ANTI-IMPERIALISM (Paris militiamen)*

17 DISCOUNTENANCED (Sad unconnected I)*


21 (s)AMPLE about 16.7% = one-sixth

23 POLYTHENE (yet no help)*

24 TI(g)ERS

25 CON CORD(s) AgreemenT

26 ETON note<


1 FIRE Russell BRAND re controversy last year at BBC

2 SENORITAS (assertion)*

3 HOLDS UP ONE’S HEAD head = boss

4 CHESTER-LE-STREET (test selector here)* less o. Durham ground which hosted test cricket for the first time in recent years but was disappointed not to be awarded an Ashes Test. I think this is what the clue refers to.

5 N (IN)ON

6 William Butler Y(E)ATS stay< e = end of odE

7 DATE alternate letters of Dear Trev ‘missing’ put in to help the surface reading.

8 NEUTRINO (nun to ire)*

14 A MA RANTH (a thorn)* less o

15 I NCIPIENT (nice pint)*

16 MID- (SEAS) ON mid-on, fielding position in cricket.

19 ME (LO)N

20 RETRO Double definition

22 EPIC hidden in thE PICture.

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