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Independent 7099/Phi

Posted by John on 17th July 2009


What one always gets from Phi — sound clueing, much of it very pleasing, a few complete anagrams, and the occasional musical reference (actually only one I think, unusually few). Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,754 – Bonxie

Posted by Ciaran McNulty on 17th July 2009

Ciaran McNulty.

An unusual grid and an unusual theme, today.  I don’t think the answers ere particularly linked to the theme, mind you.

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Financial Times 13,131 / Alberich

Posted by shuchi on 17th July 2009


Alberich is such a delight to solve. Many great clues here, my favourites were USURY, UNHINGE, INANE.

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Independent 7094 (Prize Puzzle 11 July) by Radian

Posted by duncanshiell on 17th July 2009


09:00 Saturday morning, 11th July, before I had gone out to buy the Independent,  there was a news item on the radio that indicated it was 150 years to the day since the chimes of the Great Bell in the clock tower of the current Palace of Westminster (Houeses of Parliament) were first heard.  I said to my wife, more in jest than anything else, that there would be a crossword this weekend based on that anniversary.

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EV870 Landmark by Loda

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 17th July 2009

Colin Blackburn.

A few misprinted letters didn’t really tell me anything but getting 5dn and a couple of the potentially intersecting across answers helped. I guessed that some squares would be left blank and looking at the few answers I had and symmetry I went for an square arch. So, Marble Arch or L’Arc de Triomphe? I didn’t worry for now but tried a few more clues and confirmed the shape quite quickly.

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