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Independent 7094 (Prize Puzzle 11 July) by Radian

Posted by duncanshiell on July 17th, 2009


09:00 Saturday morning, 11th July, before I had gone out to buy the Independent,  there was a news item on the radio that indicated it was 150 years to the day since the chimes of the Great Bell in the clock tower of the current Palace of Westminster (Houeses of Parliament) were first heard.  I said to my wife, more in jest than anything else, that there would be a crossword this weekend based on that anniversary.

16:00 Saturday afternoon, after completing the the crossword, BIG BEN stood out in the unches in the top and bottom rows, and the surnames PUGIN and BARRY appeared in the unches in the left and right hand columns.  Sir Charles BARRY submitted the winning design for the new Palace of Westminster in 1834.  Apparently the design did not have a clock tower at that time.  The tower was added to the design in 1836.  Augustus PUGIN was an associate of Sir Charles and it was he who produced the drawings for the Clock Tower.

Full details at 

There were a couple of clock references throughout the puzzle – HOUR HAND and DIAL.  Solvers also needed some sporting knowledge as well, with golf and motor racing featuring in the answers, and a tennis term in a clue.

I am not a regular weekday Independent solver, so I am not au fait with Independent setters. I don’t think I have come across Radian anywhere before in the puzzles that I solve more regularly. As an introduction to Radian I found this fair and not too difficult.

I don’t know how long I took to solve this as I was distracted by yet another sporting event (Tour de France) as I worked on it.  I am sure though that I solved it quicker than I have solved a number of recent Saturday Independent crosswords.

I think I have got the wordplay in all the clues, but I am slightly doubtful on INFRA DIG.

Wordplay Entry
4 Anagram of (broadcast) TAPED containing (about) N (Norway) PEDANT (pettifogger)
7 Cryptic definition. ‘Troon’ is one the golf courses used for The Open and a ‘spoon’ is another name for a number 3 wood GOLF CLUB  (a spoon used at Troon)
10 OUI (French [in Paris] for ‘yes’) with the letter I moved to the front (put forward) IOU (a promise to pay)
11 Hidden word (part of) in NatURAL ICelandic URALIC (a language group comprising the Finno-Ugric and  Samoyed languages, i.e. one not used in Iceland)  (I think I have read somewhere that Finnish is one of the world’s languages that has very few related languages.  I think Euscara, the language of the Basques,  is one of the others with equally few, or even no related languages)
12 A (first letter of [beginning] Andy) + anagram of (changing) LOVE + anagram of (continuing the use of ‘changing’) ERA (the answer to 15 down) ALOE VERA (the juice of the leaves of the aloe plant)
13 LAID (put) reversed (put back) DIAL (a dial of a clock is swept twice a day by an HOUR HAND [answer to 26/25 down])
14 GAZES (looks) containing (over) TTE (the first, third and fifth letters of [occasional] of TITLES GAZETTES (papers)
17 GO (turn) containing (over) an angram of (suspect) TAPES GESTAPO (Sectret police)
19 COR (blimey!) + (SIR [gentleman] containing [captured] A) CORSAIR (pirate)
23 Anagram of (order) A SMART contained in (among) PI (first letters of [starters] Piazza and Italia) PASTRAMI (a smoked, highly seasoned cut of beef, which could be ordered as a starter in a restaurant alongside an Italian Piazza). &Lit clue
25 See 26 down HAND
27 Perhaps how the phrase IN FOR A DIG is heard (one way of suggesting that Channel 4’s Time Team of archaeologists and Tony Robinson is coming to dig up land nearby) INFRA DIG (below one’s dignity, beneath you)
28 (HE containing [defended] D [Director]) all contained in (in) OAR (row) OH DEAR (what a pity)
29 First three letters of (head) UNGulate reversed (tosses back) GNU (African antelope superficially similar to a horse).  Ungulate is a generic term for hoofed animals.  &Lit clue.
30 Anagram of A TUNIC (gets creased) + AL (first and last letters of [shoulders] AdmiraL) NAUTICAL (in navy)
31 RUNAWAY (absconder) excluding (expelled) A (American) RUNWAY (landing strip)


Wordplay Entry
1 EG (say) contained in (in) B RUDGE (Barnaby Rudge – Dicken’s book) BEGRUDGE (unwillingly allow)
2 GUIANAS (Region of South America, comprising Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana) with the I (one) moved to the front (at the top) IGUANAS (an arboreal lizard that lives in the tropical rain-forests of South America)
3 I think this is a double definition.  There are many regiments of GUARDS (e.g. Lifeguards, Horseguards) and the full name of the Irish Police, Garda Siochana, means ‘GUARDS of peace’) GUARDS
5 AT LAST (finally) containing (conquered) E (first letter of [summit] Everest) AT LEAST (if nothing else)
6 TICK (bloodsucking mite) and TICK (credit) – Double definition TICK
8 LOON (idiot) containing (has) (OK [approved] + ER [Queen, first lady]) LOOKER-ON (witness)
9 COVE (bay) + T (middle letter of [at heart] waTch) COVET (long for)
15 Anagram of (wasted) middle letters of (essentially) yEARs ERA (long period)
16 Anagram of (faulty) RADIO contained in (carried by) (S [Special] and PC [Constable]) SPORADIC (occasional)
18 A PS (an afterthought) reversed (taken over) SPA (reference Spa-Francorchamps, motor racetrack, home of the Belgian Grand Prix)
20 STANDING (upright) excluding the final letter (almost) STAND-IN (substitute)
21 INN (hostelry) containing (in) A MAID (a girl) reversed (served up) INDIAMAN (a large ship, possibly a schooner, employed in trade with India)
22 Anagram of MULES (running) containing (round) GG (gee-gee, horse) SMUGGLE (reference drug mules who smuggle drugs as carriers over international borders)
23 (NJ [New Jersey] + A [area]) contained in (protected by) PUB (bar) PUNJAB (a disputed region between India and Pakistan)
24 TRUST (depend on) with S (son) raised to the first (promoted) letter position STRUT (a rod or member that resists pressure)
26/25 HOUND (dog) containing (runs across) second, fourth and sixth letters of (now and then) ARCHWAY HOUR HAND (pointer)

2 Responses to “Independent 7094 (Prize Puzzle 11 July) by Radian”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Pleasing puzzle, easier than usual for me from Radian. Very nicely set up thematically – I spotted the theme fairly early on which helped. Re INFRA DIG, I guessed that immediately from definition and enumeration. Like you, I did not understand the wordplay and am not familiar with the TV programme, but, if your suggestion is correct, as it sounds as if it is, it would go neatly with the ‘beneath you’ as a dig is ‘beneath’ the ground.

  2. Richard says:

    A very nice puzzle. “Tick” also fits in with the theme, and possibly “strut” as well, as a “strut clock” is a type of mantle clock.

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