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Private Eye/Cyclops 395 – Iffy pong

Posted by beermagnet on July 20th, 2009


Good stuff from Mr C in this issue.  Some tricky clues which I don’t think I could get without the crossing letters, but plenty pencilled in after a first pass to get going.
Longstanding readers may remember when I first started blogging this crossword I had just given up the evil weed coinciding with the smoking ban. Two years on I haven’t had a smoke since, so it can be done, and it’s as good a reason to celebrate something as anything, so: “Trebles all round!”.

8 HOODLUM (MOULD)* AInd: breaking. after HO[use]
10 ASHFORD (HAS)* AInd: screwed. FORD (a banger)
11 ALGECIRAS (CIA’S AL G[o]RE)* AInd pissed.  I had to check the spelling of this one.
12 NASAL NASA (US Body sending people up) L[ength]
13/15 JOHN SERGEANT DD/CD One of the last I fully put in – I admit I had to check the E/A spelling of his surname
18 CAUTION (OUT)* AInd: deviously, around I (one), all inside CAN (jail) Def. Act like a copper. Not sure about this Definition, I always think of Coppers as PCs, and I suspect only someone at around inspector level can hand out cautions (not that I have any personal experience of receiving cautions – well, not for a few decades anyway).
19 GONDOLA O (love) L (hilLary’s middle) inside (GONAD)* AInd: busting
20 MEPHISTO (SHIT)* AInd: casual, inside (POEM)* AInd: rendition
22 IFFY [st]IFFY
26 IMBROGLIO I’M BRO[wn] (ILOG)* AInd: off
28 CHEER UP HE ER inside CUP
29 RUSHDIE RUSH (career) DIE (bite the dust)
1 CHEAPJACK CHEAP (budget) JACK (straw)
2 PONG [ping-]PONG
3 IMPRISON (NO SIR P.M. I[s])< Last one in. I thought the definition, ‘Give him time?’ was some wordplay. For a thoroughly misleading clue I’ll give it the sticky-backed gold star:
Give him time? No, sir – Brown is only 50% backed (8)
4 CAESAR CAR (wheels) around (SEA)* AInd: sick
5/24 WHINGEING POMS (MP OWEN HIGGINS)* AInd: corrupted.  This took an embarrassingly long time to get .
6 TOSSING OFF DD Both definitions in the Eye’s inimitable style, only one involving Jeffrey Archer.
7 ADULT (DUAL)* AInd: controlled, T (model)
14 HOUSE-FLIES HOUSE (MPs assembled) FLIES (slits in trousers)
16 HIGH COURT HIGH (pissed) COURT (Brenda’s entourage)
17 EASY MONEY (YES MAN YEO)* AInd: pisspoor
19 GAOL-BIRD (GOD BLAIR)* AInd: converted.  Another outing here for the arrow-suited Archer:
Archer at one time converted by “god” Blair (4-4)
21 SKIMPY [cla]I[ms] (fourth of claims) MP (politician) inside SKY (heavens)
23 EDICT ED (Balls), TIC with T moved to the end (front to rear)
27/9 LADY LUCK LADY (wife of knight of the realm) [p]LUCK (topless Yank)

2 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 395 – Iffy pong”

  1. John Dean says:

    Just for info on 18a.
    A caution of the “You are not obliged …” type can be given by any rank of police officer and also by non-police investigators (such as those in HMRC or Social Security). Indeed, in certain situations it is mandatory.

  2. beermagnet says:

    I forgot about the “You do not have to say anything …” caution on arrest. I was thinking of the formal “Police Caution” used instead of prosecution which is like an official “Don’t do it again, sonny. We know where you live”.

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