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Independent 7,100 by Scorpion (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 18/07/09)

Posted by Simon Harris on July 24th, 2009

Simon Harris.

An excellent Saturday puzzle, challenging but ultimately manageable. I’m particularly struck by the exceptional quality of the surface readings.

*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, cd=cryptic definition, dd=double definition.

1 BABE RUTH – BABE + RU + TH[e].
9 SCRUBBER – dd.
10 WARM TO – ARM in TWO*.
12 INAUSPICIOUS – I[rish] N[aval] A[dventure] + [s]USPICIOUS.
15 CREDO – [medio]CRE DO[ctor].
16 LEADBELLY – LEAD + BELLY. Huddie Leadbetter, blues singer and guitar player.
19 GENTS – GEN + ST<.
20 ILLEGITIMATE – I[mmora]L + LEG IT + 1 + MATE.
25 KOHLRABI – KOI “about” (HL + BAR<).
26 YES-MEN – S in YEMEN.
27 ASTERISK – (T[h]E[y]R[e] + IS) in ASK.
1 BASH – BAS + [suc]H.
2 BARE – BAR + E, “e” being the most common letter in “Leeds”.
3 ROBIN HOOD – ROBINHO + O[utplaye]D.
4 THE FULL MONTY – dd. A reference to Colin Montgomerie.
6 ISAAC – dd. Isaac Singer, the inventor who gave his name to Singer sewing machines.
7 TOM COLLINS – COL “impeded” TOMLINS[on].
11 SPHAGNUM MOSS – (SHAG “consumed” P[ub]) + SUMMONS*.
14 MEDALLIONS – (SN + OIL + LAD + E[mpty] M[ostly])<.
17 BAGATELLE – (BALL “around” GATE) + [trifl]E.
21 GREBE – GREECE, with B “to conquer” EC.
22 TAXI – IT< “accommodates” (A + X) &lit.
23 MINK – MIN[s]K.

14 Responses to “Independent 7,100 by Scorpion (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 18/07/09)”

  1. nmsindy says:

    This was very tough and rigorously accurate as I’ve come to expect from Scorpion – favourite THE FULL MONTY. For a little while, I thought there might have been a slip-up in 14 dn where the wordplay led to MEDALLIONS as above whereas I thought of MEDAILLONS, but dicts confirm it, as does an ad for Lidl in my paper today (not the Indy…).

  2. beermagnet says:

    The one I still don’t quite follow is:
    4D Film how Scottish golfer feels after putting away satisfactorily? (3,4,5)
    I got it from the crossing letters and the def. “Film” though I didn’t understand the reference to Colin M. But even now that’s been explained how is “The Full” a feeling? Is it a golfing term?

  3. nmsindy says:

    It’s a pun on putting – putting away food ie eating so being full and putting in golf on the green, I think.

  4. Duncan Shiell says:


    I think it is a reference to someone being ‘full’ after eating or ‘putting away’ food. I think in this case ‘putting’ was not used as a specific golfing term; an excellent bit of misdirection.

  5. beermagnet says:

    I understand now.
    I didn’t read the eating sense of “putting away” at all. I was very well misled. (I wondered if there was something equivalent to “out on the full” as in the Rugby sense.)
    Thanks both.

  6. Allan_C says:

    Got 6d correctly as ISAAC but I thought of the writer Isaac Bashevis Singer. Trouble is, I can’t now remember exactly what the clue was (and the paper was collected for recycling this week) so I’m not sure exactly how I understood the clue.

    A nice satisfying puzzle with some humorous touches in the clueing.

  7. Simon Harris says:

    Hi Allan_C – the clue was “Leader in Genesis, Singer”, so I guess it could be either of them. I’d only heard of Singer sewing machines so plumped for that one.

  8. Duggie says:

    What has a scrubber to do with a ‘risqué website’? Collins says ‘promiscuous woman’ – is that it or is there something more subtle to do with rubber?

    I was tempted by ‘grower’ rather than ‘glover’, thinking about flower beds and rowing as ‘manually creative’, though the clue didn’t quite justify it.

    Nonetheless, a first-class puzzle with twists and turns and delights galore.

  9. Simon Harris says:

    Duggie – re “scrubber”: a fair question, and something I hovered over whilst solving.

    Whilst, errm, a friend told me that there are lots of websites featuring promiscuous women, I felt honour-bound to chase it up, and a Google image search for the term in question was surprisingly fruitless. That said, I did learn a lot about air pollution control facilities, which was nice.

  10. nmsindy says:

    I’ll have to admit I put SCRUBBER in without further thought after I saw ‘subject of risqué website’ but maybe I’ve been mixing with the wrong people over the years …

  11. Eileen says:

    I liked the Full Monty clue, too, but, just for the record, he’s Colin Montgomerie. :-)

  12. Simon Harris says:

    He is now! Fixed – thanks Eileen.

  13. Terry says:

    Not sure I get the reasoning for the final ‘e’ in (17) Bagatelle. I would have thought Balle(t)(ie Ballet close t’) was a more plausible option but neither is very good, perhaps it’s just Bagatell is nearly Bagatelle and we won’t worry about the missing ‘e’ – a mere trifle.

  14. Nick Corney says:

    17d works if the ‘missing e’ Terry mentioned is supplied by ‘close to the’ and the definition is ‘trifle’.

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