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Independent 7105 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on July 24th, 2009


Excellent puzzle from Phi, solving time, 24 mins

* = anagram  < = reversed


1 MA (GI) C AL(l)

5 SIDECAR   (is)<  (raced)<

9 DEAD TREE EDITION    My penultimate answer – new phrase to me which means ‘hard copy’ ie using paper (made from trees) as distinct from in electronic form eg on the web.   Also learned that Dendrology means study of trees so the other part of the clue is a mock headline from a special issue of a presumably imagined publication:  Dendrology Today.   All in all a very nice idea.

10 SA(H)EL    (leas)<     In Africa.   Excellent surface.


12 EN (COMP) AS S     sane<    comp = composer  s = soprano

14 PI(E)TY   E  = end (last letter) of humanE

17 (s)OFTEN    hint of stress = first letter

16 D (EN MOTHE)R    (The Omen)*     New to me, pleased to work it out eventually from the wordplay.    US usage, I think.


21 EP SOM(e)

22  QUESTION MASTERS   (quite as monsters)*    Amusing surface relating to the style of Jeremy Paxman and others, I guess, on UK TV.

23 Y (ASH M) AK



1 MO (D) ISTE(n)      Fashion designer.

2 GRAPHICS TABLETS  r in (the plastic bags)*    Another new phrase to me that I worked out from the wordplay once I’d some crossing letters.

3 C (ATT) LEMEN(t)

4 (b)LEEDS       liked ‘loses vital stuff’

5 Robert Louis ST (EVEN S) ON   (tons)*

6 DRI(v)ER

7 CHINESE WHISPERS    Good cryptic definition  – a game where a phrase is passed from person to person.

8 RENT – Delayed A Y

13 AUDIOBOOK    My favourite clue   “Volume governed by volume control”    Cryptic definition.


15 OB(E) LO QU angrY

17  RA (Egyptian sun-god) MESES (seems)*   Definition:  Pharaoh

19 TO T(h)EM

20 SUM (U) P

4 Responses to “Independent 7105 by Phi”

  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    Excellent puzzle as usual from Phi. Unlike you I put in DEAD TREE EDITION and GRAPHICS TABLETS immediately. Maybe it’s my computing background but the first of these is a common enough phrase for me. I then got the other two 15 letter answers except I wrote in CHINESE CHEQUERS without thinking through the CD. I’m glad the Q was checked as it raised immediate alarms and EPSOM was easy enough to cause me to look again. From then it was just steady progress.

  2. mhl says:

    Excellent fun – thanks Phi and nmsindy.

    I made a similar error in 7d but with the CK instead of QU spelling, which didn’t make the mistake quite so obvious, especially for someone who has trouble with horse-racing allusions.

  3. Wil Ransome says:

    A bit harder than usual for Phi, I thought. Perhaps just feebleness of mind.

    It seemed to me that the Paxman reference in 22ac was to his University Challenge rather than his Newsnight activities.

    Wasn’t sure about ‘comp’ for composer in 12ac — have never come across this abbreviation, but haven’t actually looked it up so it may be there.

  4. nmsindy says:

    comp = composer is in Chambers and was reasonably guessable (as I did). You’re right, I’m sure, about Paxman, not a programme I’ve watched too often, I’ll have to admit, but the anagram made it quite an easy clue that I solved on first run thro.

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