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Financial Times 13,140 / Neo

Posted by Agentzero on 28th July 2009


An enjoyable puzzle, with some clever clues and tricky wordplay from Neo.  Sorry to be a 15 dn today; I didn’t have a chance to turn to the puzzle this morning. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 7108/Virgilius

Posted by John on 28th July 2009


Although it is always a delight to blog a Virgilius crossword, my heart is for ever in my mouth because of the Nina: what a fool I’ll look when I don’t see it. And that’s happened here. Lots of As, Bs and Cs and evidently this has something to do with it, but I can see no more. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,763 – Paul

Posted by Uncle Yap on 28th July 2009

Uncle Yap.

dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

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