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Independent 7109 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on July 29th, 2009


Usual excellent offering from Dac, solving time, 24 mins. I found SE quarter the toughest.

* = anagram < = reversed


1 HOPPING hopping mad – double definition

5 BAGH DAD “Bag”

9 POor ME GRAN ATE gran = nan

10 SOU(p) Proverbially small amount of (French) money ie bread.

11 ISSUE Double definition

12 FINANCIAL SECURITY Easy definition (in France, Italy, US, CI)*

16 M ASCOT m = mare is in Collins

18 GREE(n) CE EC<

19 TICKLISH SITUATION Cryptic definition

23 PINTA hidden

24 O(A)R

25 GLOVE PUPPET Cryptic definition.

27 TREADLE (altered)*



1 HIP (PIE) S &lit pi = very good (diminutive of pious, I think) – a quick look in dicts gives pie = pi in the sense of a mixture but not in that sense – I don’t have the ODE just now. Or maybe I’ve misread it all.      (Thanks , NealH  for explaining this below – comment 2 – my analysis took no account of the word ‘drug’ in the clue – I knew in my bones that Dac would have been most unlikely to  have slipped up.)

2 POM mop<

3 IN G(a)LE

4 Steffi GRAF FIT (match) I (one)

5 John BRAINE “Brain” One of those writers who emerged with a new type of novel in the late 1950s Angry Young Men era.


7 DI ( S TIN) CTION s = son tin = can

8 DO (UBLE)T (blue)*

12 S (sugary topping – 1st letter) AC (HER TORT) E &lit ace = one tort = wrong (in a legal sense)


17 GIANTESS (in stages)*


20 HEAR TEN The Top Ten

21 NI (CO)LE

23 PAUSE “paws” = handles clumsily

26 PAS means ‘not’ in French ie in the Moulin Rouge, famous dance venue in Paris.

9 Responses to “Independent 7109 by Dac”

  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    1dn Yes, pi = good, from pious. Chambers has it less as ‘good’ and more as sanctimonious.

  2. NealH says:

    I think you did slightly misread 1 down. It’s actually an &lit of Hips around pi + E (E being Ecstacy of course). I thought that was by far the best clue.

    I found this a bit easier than yesterday’s Virgilius, mainly because I’d heard of all the words, whereas yesterday had 3 or 4 that I’d never come across before.

  3. NealH says:

    …although I suppose if you were being really picky, you could say hippies pre-date Ecstacy and would be more into pot or LSD.

  4. Paul B says:

    One from the Civil Service spelling test there, Neal: ‘ecstasy’ gets you the job.

  5. Wil Ransome says:

    As usual from Dac. There’s seldom much to say because it is all so simply good. I thought 1dn was quite brilliant — I don’t think the hippie-predating-ecstasy matter is a problem: in the clue he simply says ‘drug’, so the hippie need never have heard of E.

  6. nmsindy says:

    or would a proven familiarity with it, manifested by the correct spelling, make them shy away from the candidate…

  7. nmsindy says:

    Comment 6 refers to 4 – simultaneous arrival of 5 intervened.

  8. NealH says:

    I’ve always had a blind spot on the spelling of Ecstasy. It’s just not logical when most other words of that type end “acy” e.g. lunacy, surrogacy etc etc.

  9. eimi says:

    Just back from a festival in, by complete coincidence, 18 Across, which began on the day this puzzle appeared. We all have spelling blind spots and Ecstasy used to be one of mine until I discovered the anagram Stacey’s – you’ll always get it right if you check the number of esses.

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