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Financial Times 13,132 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on July 30th, 2009

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of July 18
Well I found this Cincinnus considerably harder than usual. How about you? Especially 1A, 20A and 16D. And I especially like 12A and 21D.

1. DISMANTLE – [lai]D + anagram fo MALE ISNT
6. DUKES – double definition
9. CAPITAL – double definition
10. SOLDIER – OLDIE (senior citizen) in SR (senior)
11. SCOWL – SCOW (boat) + L (left)
12. GROUNDHOG – “ground hog”
14. SEE – double definition
15. PLASTIC BAGS – ASTI (wine) in PLC (company) + BAGS (acquires)
17. ANAESTHETIC – anagram of IN A TEA CHEST — with the well known cryptic definition
18. RIA – AIR (look) backwards
20. RATTLED ON – RATTLE (faze) + DON (lecturer)
22. TITUS – T[ickled] + anagram of SUIT
24. HOSTILE – ITS backwards in HOLE (awkward spot)
26. INITIAL – anagram of LATIN I I
27. NO END – D (Germany) + NEON (gas) all backwards
28. AGGREGATE – double definition

1. DUCKS – double definition
2. SUPPOSE – SUP (drink) + POSE (attitude)
3. ANTELOPES – anagram of NOT ASLEEP
4. TELEGRAPHED – TELEGRAPH (newspaper) + ED (editor)
5. EMS – [h]E[r]M[e]S
6. DYLAN – hidden word
7. KRISHNA – anagram of A SHRINK
8. SARAGOSSA – SARA (girl) + G (good) + O (old) + ASS (donkey) backwards
13. OUTSTANDING – double definition
14. SEA URCHIN – U (university) in SEARCHIN[g] (endless probing)
16. CICATRICE – CIC (military leader) + A (a) + TRICE (little time)
18. ARTISTE – ART (Garfunkel) + IS (is) + T[roublesom]E
19. RETSINA – [c]ANISTER (container) backwards
21. LAIRD – I (one) in LARD (fat)
23. SOLVE – V (five) in SOLE (only)
25. EVA – E (East) + VA (Virginia)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,132 by Cincinnus”

  1. Persephone says:

    Hello Pete
    I was visiting relatives in Shropshire the weekend this came out. As far as I recall (as some libation was involved), it took pretty much the average time to complete, but I do agree there were some excellent clues (15A my personal favourite).

  2. John Newman says:


    I got this one out but agree with you on the difficult ones. I liked 17A but you say the cryptic word has been used before.

    What irritated me a bit was Cincinnus’ use of the question mark. For 12A fine, but why for 10A? This was my last one out mainly because of a meaningless ?. Similar examples are 1A, 14A, 20A, and 3D.


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