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Financial Times 13,142 / Sleuth

Posted by Gaufrid on July 30th, 2009


Smiffy has been sidetracked by some unforeseen commitments so apologies for the lateness of this post.

A straightforward solve today with all but about four answers being entered on the first pass through the clues. I cannot recollect anything that merits specific comment, good or bad, so let’s just say this was a workmanlike puzzle.

1 SPHERE  S[i]P (drink I avoided) HERE (present)
4 FARCICAL  FAR (distant) C (century) I CAL[l] (term largely)
10 BANGALORE  *(ALONG) in BARE (poor)
11 LIMIT  M1 (road) in LIT (bed, in French)
12 TOOL  [s]TOOL (seat lacking second)
13 GO TO PIECES  GOT O (nothing) PIECES (bishops, chess)
15 RECOVER  R[ace] E[merge] COVER (position in field, cricket)
16 ENAMEL  NAME (celebrity) in EL (the, in Spanish)
19 ABACUS  A C (city initially) in A BUS (vehicle)
21 SLANDER  [i]SLANDER (Hebridean, say, rejecting leader)
23 ATTRACTIVE  [close]T in *(TIE CRAVAT)
25 CROP  dd
27 HAITI  H (hot) AIT (island) I (island)
29 MUTINEER  MU (Greek character) *(ENTIRE)
30 KENNEL  KEN (man) NEL[l] (woman endlessly)

1 SOB STORY  *(BOSS) TORY (right-winger)
3 REAP  RE[c]AP (summary having removed chapter)
5 ANEMONE  A MEN (number of chaps) reversed ONE (individual)
6 CALL IT A DAY  L (line) in *(A DAILY ACT)
7 COMIC  CO (firm) MIC (Mike, microphone)
8 LATEST  hidden in ‘cocktaiL AT ESTablishment’
9 HONOUR  dd
14 EVACUATION  E (English) U (university) in VACATION (holiday)
17 EIDERDOWN  DO (party) in *(RED WINE)
18 PROPOSAL  PROP (support) O (love) SAL (girl)
20 SATIATE  T[rattoria] I[n] A[ugust] in *(A SET)
21 SEVERN  S (sun) EVER (continuously) N (northern)
22 MAYHEM  MAY (guitarist) HE (explosive) M[usic]
24 TWIST  S (singular) in TWIT (fool)
26 ACRE  A CRE[w] (group on board reduced)

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,142 / Sleuth”

  1. mhl says:

    Thanks for the post, Gaufrid. It was nice to have an easier puzzle to go through after today’s Rover and Bannsider. One thing I thought remarkable was how AIT for “island” stood out as being much more difficult vocabulary than everything else required here…

  2. Eileen says:

    Hi Gaufrid and mhl

    I learned AIT through crosswords, where it frequently crops up, but have not met with it elsewhere! I thought this was a really good clue.

    I also liked 19ac: ABACUS must be one of the most frequently clued words but this was, for me, an original take.

    Altogether, I found this a more satisfying puzzle than the Rover, which honestly didn’t cause me any problems but didn’t give me any satisfaction either – which bothers me, because I found myself at odds with people with whom I usually agree!

    However, we seem to be in agreement about the Bannsider – a fiendishly clever puzzle!

    Apologies if all this cross-talk is ‘off-topic’!

  3. Gaufrid says:

    The ‘Chiswick ait’ crops up regularly during the boat race commentary (Oxford v Cambridge) so ‘ait’ should be common knowledge.

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