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Enigmatic Variations No. 872 – Spinneroosms by Salamanca

Posted by Gaufrid on July 31st, 2009


In the asterisked clues the wordplay for the grid entry gave a Spoonerism of the answer suggested by the definition. The normal clues were for the most part (too) easy, though some (presumably) unintentional added difficulty was provided by incorrect enumeration in three clues.

The ‘definition’ answers are given in blue.

1* BEATEN CUSTER  BEATEN (defeated) CUSTER (US battle hero) – Buster Keaton (silent star)
11 SOWAR  SO (thus) WAR (battles etc.)
12 BAAL  BAA[s] (African overseer without son) L (left)
13 RATA  RAT (desert) A (one)
14 ERAS  [v]ERA’S (girl’s not very)
15 XIAN  X (cross – in short) IAN (chap)
16 INHERE  IN (alight) HER (lady) [v]E[stas]
18 DEC  D[aylight’s] E[arly] C[hill]
20* SHED RIFT  SHED (slough) RIFT (split) – red shift (effect due to receding light)
22 GAJOS  JAG (posh car) reversed OS (very big)
25 LAUNCH  A (one) in LUNCH (snack)
26* SEA RAT  (pirate) – resat (took exam again) – wrong enumeration, Chambers gives this as a single word
27 SEGUE  hidden in ‘chineSE GUEsts’
30 DAH  HAD reversed
36 GENTOO  GEN (information) TOO (also)
37 RAIL  dd – wrong enumeration
38 HEIR  HE (man) I (one) R (right)
39 PERU  hidden in ‘old-tyPE RUins’ – wrong enumeration
40 KNOT  TONK (strike) reversed
42/32* DOGGING A FLED HORSE  cd – flogging a dead horse (futilely)

1* BORING SCORED  BORING (tedious) SCORE (reckoning) D (depth) – scoring board (where would you see the points?)
2 ELAND  E (Eastern) LAND (terrestrial)
3/28* AS THE CRY FLOWS  cd – as the crow flies (in a straight line)
4 EWERS  SEWER with S moved to end
5* NAREHET  NARE (hawk’s nostril) HET (heated in some parts) – hairnet (container of locks)
6 CRAW  C (Cuba) RAW (immature)
7 SAXE  homophone of ‘sax’ (chopper)
8/31* TAILING A TELL  TAILING (following) A TELL (famous archer) – telling a tale (narrating the story)
9 ELAN  ELAN[d] (2 after tail’s trimmed)
10* REND THE BOUND  REND (break) THE BOUND (limit) – round the bend (bonkers)
17 ODAS  hidden in ‘pagODA Say’
19 CORF  CORF[u] (island’s bottomless)
21 RUED  homophone of ‘rude’ (impolite)
23* JAY BING  JAY (bird) BING (heap) – Beijing (famous city)
24 SALE  S (special) ALE (beer)
25* LAWGING  LAW (statute) GIN (drink) G[et] – galling (really annoying)
29/35* SERRA KEEN  SERRA (saw) KEEN (strong) – kerosene (jet fuel)
33 MAKO  MA (mother) OK (alright) reversed
34 FLOG  GOLF (club game) reversed

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