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Private Eye/Cyclops 396 – Second Homes Kid

Posted by beermagnet on August 3rd, 2009


A couple of topical answers to show the setting is reasonably up-to-date.

From the moment it was announced I thought Antony Gormley’s 4th plinth effort was a nice idea, and he is one of my favourite YBAs. I walk past one of his life-size metal men twice a day and marvel that it’s still there. Presumably it’s worth about £1M and reasonably easily plucked out of the pavement with a JCB. But I do wonder if anyone has actually gone out of their way to go and see the 4th plinth’s “successful candidates”?

I’d better save the flipping second homes rant for another time. (Like most people I can’t afford a first home.)

7 PLINTH P[rescott] LINT (fabric) H[ot], Def: bottom support. Answer: Topical.
8 PANORAMA PAN (censure) OBAMA swap B for R. Slightly obvious wordplay
10 SECOND HOMES SECOND (Not the no. 1) HO[l]MES (fictional detective left out) Answer: Topical-ish. Old Sherlock has still got to be the best detective created – I see Madonna’s Ex Ritchie is making a new Holmes film (yawn)
11 KID Definition: Wind up, [bulloc]K I (Cyclops) but can D really be clued directly by “departs”? Clue:
Wind up bullock’s rear – Cyclops departs (3)
12/24 BROWN ALE BROWN (Gordon) AL [Gore] (famous political loser – he must be known for something more than this? Ah yes! Having a very convenient name for crossword setters!) [commiserativ]E
14 TAKE AFTER TAKE (nick) AFTER (following) Def: Resemble
16 OUTWIT OUT (gay) WIT (Oscar Wilde)
18 RAKE IN RAKE (profligate) IN (elected)
21 EYE-OPENER EYE (organ) OPENER (batsman)
23 DUMPY DUMP (shit) [dr]Y
26 PREMIERSHIP (HIM PERSPIRE)* AInd: makes.  Long Def: On which Gordon’s grip is weakening
28 NUMEROUS ME (Cyclops) inside UR (the city) inside NOUS (intelligence)
29 SCENIC S[un] C[amilla] (NICE)* AInd: wobbles
1 DISCLOSURE DISC (record) (L EUROS)* AInd: spent
2 STAN S[ocialist] TAN (brown) Ref: Stan & Ollie, Laurel & Hardy
3 LAWMAKER (WALKER)* AInd: pissed, around [oba]MA
4 GOBSMACKED GOB (spit) SMACK (heroin) ED (hack) Def: surprised. No need for the final “?” save to mislead
5/9 JACK SHIT JACK’S (Straw’s) HIT (success)
6 WALDORF W[ife] AL [Gore – again] (FORD)* AInd: buggered AL Gore does get about doesn’t he
7 PASS BY P (soft) ASS (buttocks) B[eaut]Y. Favourite clue (he found my level again here):
“… soft buttocks on heartless beauty … ” – don’t stop! (4,2)
13 NEWSPAPERS [Camero]N, (SPEWS)* AInd: about, around APER (copier) Def: Mail and Express? (Final “?” quite in order here IMO)
15 TRIUMPHANT (PM U THANT R I)* AInd: tangled. Last one in – not because it was that tricky but I failed to get it earlier on and couldn’t be arsed to decode which bits of the clue formed the obvious anagram till I had more crossing letters
17 TANKED UP TANK (VAT) ED (Balls, possibly – him again) UP (increased)
19 REMAINS (MARINES)* AInd: kinky
20 MYOPIC (PM COY I[nsubordination])* AInd: rattled. Myopic is one of those words that appears frequently in crosswords. Must be useful for resolving inconvenient Ys
25 EMMA Hidden in problEM MAdonna. Def: character. In fact, the hidden answer indicator is “at heart” and the answer is precisely in the middle of the fodder, which forgives the somewhat wide definition
27 RACY ([s]cary)* AInd: pisspoor

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 396 – Second Homes Kid”

  1. The Trafites says:

    5/9 really made us laugh :)

  2. Craig Jones says:

    For some reason (midlife crisis?) I have decided that I want to teach myself how to solve cryptic crosswords. Having read through some of these pages to get an understanding of how the clues work, I had my first bash at solving a PE crossword this week (well, it was my second bash actually… I tried one about four years ago and solved precisely zero clues). After a couple of hours of not getting very far at all, something just ‘clicked’ inside my head and the answers starting flowing. I was able to complete the grid, although top right corner took a few days to finish. Admittedly a couple were entered without me fully understanding how the clue worked (11A and 18A) and I couldn’t quite see why 13D included the word “…without…” . Anyway, I am now completely hooked!

  3. Chunter says:

    Thanks, Beermagnet.

    I don’t think Antony Gormley (58) is a YBA.

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