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FT 13,148/Phssthpok

Posted by smiffy on August 6th, 2009


Another solid outing from The Unpronounceable One, but he’s certainly produced better in the past.  There were a few points along the way where I had an uncanny  sense of deja vu, although 3D and 6D are the only two clues that I can definitely recall encountering before.

1 BLOOD GROUP – “A” being the exemplar.
7  SPAR – (raps)rev
9 ECHT – CH in ET. A somewhat funky image conjured up here. Those pesky aliens….
10 EXTRAMURAL – Ex + tram +Ural.  One needs to turn a blind eye to “Took”, in the cryptic reading of the clue.
11  GUINEA – double def’n.  Although I’m not sure that a guinea was considered a “small” denomination coin while it was still in circulation.
12 COCKATOO – cock +at[-ish]oo
13 ARBOREAL – (boar real)*. A candidate for inclusion in the next edition of Dummies Guide to Anagrams?
15  ICED – I + c + [h]E[a]D
17  ACRE – double def’n.
19 LEECHING – (chi in en) in leg.  A double application of container/contents required here. “Life force”  = chi.
22 TIRASMISU – hidden
23 DISOWN – sow in din.
25 ANTICHRIST – antic +  hr +is + t.  A very poetic-sounding surface.
26 APEX – double def’n. Took me a while to recall the Apex train tickets in the UK (which I think offer(ed) discounts for advanced purchase).
27 ISLE – I + dIsSoLvE
28 PINEAPPLES – pine + apples

2 LACQUER – homophone of (the oft-encountered) “lacker”.
3 OFTEN – …of ten
4 GRENADES – (se[-e] danger)*
5 OPTICAL ILLUSION – i.e. an anagram of “coal pit”, cryptically.
6 PLANCK – c in plank. Max, of Planck’s Constant fame.
7 SQUEAMISH – S + que + Amish.
8 A LA MODE – (The) Alamo + de (Fr.)
14 OPERATIVE – (Evita + Rep + O) rev
16 VENDETTA – end in Vet(eran) + ta. Probably my favourite clue of the puzzle.
18 CLIENTS – lien in cts (courts, pl)
20 NOWHERE – now + here

21 BISHOP – I in B+S (initials) + hop.  I guess this is and &lit clue 50% of the time, so not sure exactly how to classify it!
24 SWAMP – swam + p

One Response to “FT 13,148/Phssthpok”

  1. Agentzero says:

    Hi Smiffy

    You have an extra I in 27 across: it’s just dIsSoLvE. “Man is one” is the definition.

    Also, I parsed 28 across a little differently: PINES (trees) contain (“bear”) APPLE (fruit).

    Regarding 11 across: I had the same question, since a guinea was worth 20s or more. Maybe it was a physically small coin (because made of gold)?

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