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Independent 7117 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on 7th August 2009


Excellent puzzle, solving time 27 mins.   A mini-theme perhaps with symmetrically placed 4 down and 13 down similar.

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Guardian 24,772 / Pasquale

Posted by Andrew on 7th August 2009


Pressure of work has meant that this blog has been written in rather a rush, so apologies for any errors or typos. This seemed quite tough, but with Pasquale’s usual combination of fairness, elegance and wit; I just wish I’d had more time to relish it! Read the rest of this entry »

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Financial Times 13,149 / Mudd

Posted by shuchi on 7th August 2009


A fun challenge from Mudd with some creative indicators.

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Inquisitor 135 – Firsts for Chris and Lou by Schadenfreude

Posted by duncanshiell on 7th August 2009


The preamble stated that the the puzzle commemorated significant anniversaries of two related events which occurred exactly 50 years apart.

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EV873 Capital Reasons by Raich

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 7th August 2009

Colin Blackburn.

The preamble made this sound more complicated that it turned out to be. Once a few answers were in the puzzle fell in to place quickly and the straight definitions were mostly guessable from a few checking letters. I stumbled a little by wrongly identifying a couple of the extra letters and pencilling in FIND (Encounter) for FORD (Crossing Point). These errors were soon resolved.

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