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Financial Times 13,153 – Aardvark

Posted by Gaufrid on August 12th, 2009


I will provide a breakdown of this puzzle if/when it appears on the FT website.

Analysis added 14/8/2009. Some very good clues in this one.

1 SURREALIST SURRE[y] (south-eastern county snubbed) A LIST (celebrities)
6 DRAB  BAR (pub) [landlor]D reversed
9 OMAR SHARIF  O (ordinary) MARSH (slough) *(FAIR)
10 OBOE  O (Oscar) in OBE (honour)
12 NEW TESTAMENT  NEWT (slimy creature) STAMEN (some of plant) in ET (film)
15 MAGNIFICO  *(GIN) in MAFI[a] (endless criminal gang) CO (business)
17 CANAL  hidden reversal in ‘pLAN A Cruise’
18 APRIL  PR (priest) in AIL (trouble)
19 ALL BLACKS  *(BALL) LACKS (wants)
20 SEVEN SISTERS  V (five) in SEEN (watched) SISTERS (certain family members)
24 DATE  dd
25 RUST BUCKET  S[uspec]T BUCK (animal) in *(TRUE)
26 RUDE  D (daughter) in RUE (regret)
27 SEARS TOWER  SEA (the main) RS (scientists, Royal Society) *(WROTE)

1 SLOB  L (50) in SOB (blubber)
2 ROAM  homophone of ‘Rome’
3 EASTER ISLAND  ASTERIS[k] (* avoiding end) in ELAND (antelope)
4 LEANT  AN (article) in LET (allow)
5 SWISS ROLL  *(ROSS) in SWILL (refuse)
7 RUBBERNECK  B (book) BERNE (European city) in RUCK (crowd)
8 BREATHLESS  *(HALTER) in BESS (Elizabeth)
11 MARCEL PROUST  MARC[h] (short month) E (Spain) in *(SCULPTOR)
13 AMBASSADOR  A[ccelerate] M[otoring] BASS (low) *(ROAD)
14 AGGRAVATED  VAT (tax) in *(GARAGE) [deman]D
16 IN A MINUTE  I (single) MAN (guy) reversed *(ITUNE[s])
21 TUTOR  T (time) in ROUT (rabble)
22 SKEW S (spades) KEW (gardens)
23 STIR  [studen]T in SIR (teacher)

8 Responses to “Financial Times 13,153 – Aardvark”

  1. Jacq says:

    Yeah what’s the deal with the no-shows?

    I love the FT crossword but I have a general policy of never buying newspapers.


  2. Andy says:

    I fear they may be planning to introduce a charge for their crosswords.

  3. Bradman says:

    Dear Jacq: Free access to newspaper sites poses a big problem for professional journalists (including crossword setters like myself) who need to eat to live. But I am not blaming you, if indeed you have that free access!

  4. Epping says:

    If FT start charging for the crossword then I am sure there are those like me who will simply stop doing it. I appreciate and am sympathetic to Bradman’s point but (and thanks Andy for the link)it simply reflects how dilatory the ‘old’ media has been in adapting to new technologies. With so much good quality free news on the internet I do not feel inclined to enrich these bloated plutocrats (or their equally bloated newspapers)further.

  5. Bradman says:

    I think you’ve got it wrong, Epping — sorry!

    1)A labourer (even a crossword setter) is worthy of his hire and needs to be paid.

    2) The free crossword is a gift to you and you have no right to expect it. Count yourself lucky and be grateful.

    3)The old media have been trying to adapt to the new technologies for some time, but it’s been proving harder than you might expect. Please do offer any useful advice — they’d be pleased to hear from you, I’m sure!

    4)To dismiss all newspaper owners as bloated plutocrats is a bit harsh, especially when for some of them it seems to be a vanity hobby, given the amount of money they are losing on their publications.

    I fear though, Epping, that your analysis will win more friends than mine on websites such as this. Do enjoy your freebies while you can, but don’t take them for granted, please!

  6. Jacq says:


    I agree to a point.

    I’d gladly pay for the quality of the FT crossword. My beef is with subsidising the rest of the paper. I enjoy Allen Scott’s work but the Observer is two pounds worth of nonsensica.

    For every penny I’m giving Araucaria surely the Lucy Mangan’s of this world get ten.

    Even the image of the down-trodden selfless plutocrats can’t change my perspective I fear.


  7. Epping says:


    I understand your points completely and would not, in reality, pretend that the issue is any less than complex. I would certainly endorse your first point most emphatically. I remain sceptical, however, about elements in the economic and business background to these questions. Thank you for taking the trouble to respond to my meanderings. I am sure these matters will continue to be debated.

  8. Andy says:

    I am happy to report that the FT crosswords are now appearing again.

    Bradman, I appreciate your comments. I for one am grateful that the FT publishes its fine crosswords for free. I do buy the Weekend FT, which I have time to read properly as well as tackling the crossword. Being able to have a stab midweek without stumping up the equivalent of £2.10 (what the FT costs in my part of the world) is a nice bonus.

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