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Independent 7121 by Dac

Posted by NealH on August 12th, 2009


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def

This was an enjoyable puzzle that was mostly straightfoward but I had some trouble with the SW corner. For some reason, that often seems to be the section that gives me the most trouble.

1 Huston: (hot sun)*.
4 Evildoer: Reviled* around o[ffences].
9 Batten: Bat + ten
10 Adams Ale: hom. of Adams’ ail. Two of the first six presidents of the US were called Adams.
12 Ambassador: A + bass in mad OR.
13 Form: DD
15 Squirrel away: Squire + law + ay around r.
18 Bit on the side: Amusing DD.
21 Hood: DD. This one gave me a lot of trouble because, although I thought of hood straightaway, it didn’t seem like a sensible answer. However, having checked the dictionary, I find that hood is a slang term for neighbourhood.
22 Sheet Music: (Use theme)* + hom of sick.
24 Diazepam: I in Daze + Pam.
25 Cleave: C[runch] + leave.
26 Shoppers: S + hoppers.
27 Infant: In Fant[asia].
1 Hebraist: [T]heist around bra.
2 Set upon: DD.
3 Overstrain: S[ocialist] in over train.
5 Video nasties: (Vetoes India’s)*.
6 Lamb: Lam + b.
7 Orator: Hidden in “for a tory”.
8 Rheims: hom of reams.
11 Take to the air: DD.
14 Watermelon: (women later)*.
16 Kinshasa: I think this is Kin[g] + S (South) + has + A (Africa). The alternative would be Kin[g] + has* + SA, but that would mean using visited as an anagram indicator.
17 Tea Chest: Test around ache. Closing here is being used in the archaic sense of enclosing.
19 Shades: Disguised DD.
20 Dorado: (A rod)< + do (in the sense of “do the dinner”, I suppose).
23 Keep: DD

4 Responses to “Independent 7121 by Dac”

  1. Simon Harris says:

    Glad not to be the only one for whom that corner put up a bit of a fight. For me it was in part because I’ve never heard of a dorado, and probably wouldn’t have got it from the clue despite parsing it about right.

    I thought BIT ON THE SIDE was jolly good though, and let out an involuntary guffaw when the penny dropped.

  2. The trafites says:

    but I had some trouble with the SW corner. For some reason, that often seems to be the section that gives me the most trouble.

    Interestingly, the link below was used in a reply to another puzzle on 15squared sometime this week. Ximenes writes about ‘how long does it take me':

    How Long Does It Take Me?

    In it, he states that usually the SE corner ends up with most of the common words, so I guess from logic maybe the SW corner ends up with more obscure words? I don’t know, but a strange and maybe relevant observation.


  3. Wil Ransome says:

    I don’t remember ever seeing KINSHASA in a crossword before, and today it appears both here and in the Times.

  4. Colin Blackburn says:

    I knew Dorado as it is also the name of a beer brewed in The Canary Islands. It’s useful for dodgy expense claims where alcohol can’t be claimed for since a receipt from a bar looks like a heavy session in a fish restaurant! (Not that I’d ever do this myself, of course.)

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