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Financial Times 13,144 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on August 13th, 2009

Pete Maclean.

Yet another sterling Cincinnus puzzle this time that I enjoyed while on holiday in the Tyrol. I finished it quickly except for the top-right corner. And I especially liked 14A, 22A, 28A, 6D and 15D.

1. BYPASS – [journe]Y + P (parking sign) in BASS (low)
4. COSSACKS – CO (care of) + SS (board) + ACKS (fire)
9. ORLOP – OR (men?) + LOP (cut). This is the second clue for ORLOP that I have seen in a couple of weeks. Both used “men” to clue OR and I cannot recall how that works.
10. CLEVEREST – C[el]L + EVEREST (mountain)
11. BEECHAM – BEECH (wood) + A (a) + M (masculine)
12. ORPHEAN – E (drug) in ORPHAN (deprived child)
13. ALTO – reverse hidden word
14. CAPTURED – APT (fitting) in CURED (better)
17. RAPESEED – SEE (bishop’s place) in anagram of PADRE
19. ESAU – S[een] in EAU (water)
22. PLACEBO – PLACE (put) + BO[ots]
24. OCTOPUS – OCT (a month) + OPUS (work)
25. AUCTIONED – anagram of EDUCATION
26. BREAD – homophone (“bred”)
27. SATIRIST – I (first person) in anagram of STRAITS
28. BEARER – double/cryptic definition

1. BROWBEAT – BROW[n] (nameless 18) + BE AT (attend)
2. POLYESTER – anagram of PRESLEY TO
3. SAPPHO – anagram of POP HAS
5. ONE FOR THE ROAD – cryptic definition
6. SWEEPER – SWEE[t] PE[a]+ R (right). Am I right in thinking the definition refers to rugby?
7. CRETE – T[amils] in CREE (Indian)
8. SATINY – TIN (metal) in SAY (for example)
10. COMPASS POINTS – COMPASS (range) + POINTS (indicates)
15. DISAPPEAR – anagram of SAID + P (soft) + PEAR (fruit)
16. OUTSIDER – OUT (unfashionable) + SIDER (homophone “cider”)
18. PREMIER – P (quiet) + REMI[nd]ER
20. SPRATS – double definition
21. STABLE – double definition
23. ASCOT – A (one) + SCOT (from Braemar, say)

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,144 by Cincinnus”

  1. Jake says:

    A rather fine puzzle. Thank-you for the blog. A few I didn’t manage to get – 22ac i had the P___E_O the only word I could think of was ‘PLACEBO’ but was still unsure so I left the puzzle and moved on to Shed’s Sat xwd.

    Oh well. thanks for the details Sir.

    There’s still plenty for me to learn……..

  2. Jake says:

    Damn. I had ‘ADAM’ as 19ac as in Adams water/wine. D’oh ! No manage I did not advance !!!

  3. Jake says:

    OR is ‘Other Ranks’ in army terms Sir.

  4. Nathan Jesurasingham says:

    Sweeper is a position in the defence in Association Football (Soccer).

    Thanks for a great review of yet another excellent puzzle from Cincinnus.

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