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Independent 7122/Scorpion

Posted by John on August 13th, 2009


An enjoyable crossword from Scorpion. As you might expect there was some tricky wordplay — in many of these its explanation needs to be separate from the answer.

1 SILICON VALLEY — 2 defs, although those who work there might not like being called nerds
8/3 SEAN CONNERY — on in (Cannes)* e ry, I think, but I’m not quite sure what’s going on here — it looks as if ‘rehearse’ = ‘con’, but the c is taken care of in the anagram of Cannes, and the second e …
9 NOTTING H{ill} A{nother} M{ajor} — had some trouble with this, but my own fault since I couldn’t read my own writing and was seeing the G as an S
10 GLANCE — (can)* in (leg)* — ‘stray’ as an adjective and ‘breaks’ as a noun, just about OK I think
11 PAN-FRIED — PA, Fri in (den)rev. — spent??
12 ERIC SYKES — (Sky 1 scree{n})*
14 COE D{erby}
15/15dn PLUM PUDDING — plump (undid)* g{randma}
16 S{choolteacher} TRIC{k} TEST
20 EDITIONS — (No. 1 tide)rev S
21 MAN U{se} R{isky} E
23 MI(S S S A1 GO)N
24 batTLE-Cry — hidden rev.
25 GONE TO THE DOGS — 2 defs
2 LINE {recessio}N
4 NOT A PRETTY SIGHT — (E{ngland} party nights OTT)* — not being an expert on Morecambe and Wise I didn’t get this immediately, but see this
5 AMI EN S — ami en being French for friend in
6 LAGER LOUT — L{ad} (rage)* U in lot, &lit.
7 YEAR-END — (d né ra({lif}e)y)rev.
13 COURTESAN — (art Sue)* in Con
17 IMMENSE — (EMI)rev. outside mens — I’m not convinced that ‘erects’ is quite good enough as a reversal indicator
18 SURPLUS — (US)rev., pl in Rus
22 NACHO — (H can)rev. {casin}o

6 Responses to “Independent 7122/Scorpion”

  1. Richard Palmer says:

    Regarding 1A, you wouldn’t get very far trying to enhance your chest with silicon. Scorpion is confusing it with silicone, a different material entirely.

  2. John H says:

    Thanks Richard. I wondered what the missus was doing wrong.

  3. IanN14 says:

    8/3: I think you’ve got it up to a point.
    Is the “e” the “back stage” of rehearse, do you think?
    Can’t think of any other explanation.

  4. nmsindy says:

    I found this easier than usual for Scorpion. Saw the SEAN CONNERY one as IanN14 did in comment 3. Re 17, while not wishing to gets too deeply into it, it might work OK as here as an upwards indicator in a down answer…

  5. Mike M says:

    Silicone/silicon threw me at 1ac for quite a while. I liked NACHO best of all, probably because it caused the most trouble getting it, and was very cute when the answer arrived!

    Question though – why does “urinal” = PO?

    I would have thought the clue for 21ac could have included a mention of a certain football team being c**p?

    Second question – shouldnt COED be hyphenated (2-2) rather than (4)? (And don’t answer “But Chambers says….” – Im talking morally here….)

  6. nmsindy says:

    Again not wishing to get too deeply into it but dicts confirm urinal = po (chamber pot)

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