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Financial Times 13,155 / Falcon

Posted by shuchi on 14th August 2009


I was pressed for time today and so I’m happy there is an easyish Friday puzzle for a change. The RHS came together very quickly; the LHS took longer as I had a couple of words (GUILLEMOT, AUSTER) to look up and I wrongly entered AFTER (AFT + ER) at 21D.

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Independent 7,723/Phi

Posted by Ali on 14th August 2009


A nice end to the week from Phi. Started this as I got on the bus to work, and finished just before I needed to get off. Perfect.

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Inquisitor 136 – Availability by Phi

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 14th August 2009


This is a good example of a surprise you can sometimes get from thematic puzzles – that an idea hasn’t been used before. I even wonder if this is what the title is partly about! The preamble told us about four perimeter answers clued only by wordplay, in a single sentence running the wordplay clues together. One was a “key theme word”, the others synonyms for it. They were “entered in accordance with a variant of the principle identified by the man whose name is given (in clue order) by the correct versions of one-letter misprints in definitions in some clues. The process is proportionate in its application.”

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Guardian 24,778 / Brummie

Posted by Eileen on 14th August 2009


There’s a mini-theme of improbability going on here, in 14, 18ac, 4dn and 24dn etc. There are one or two rather lame charades, I think, but an entertaining puzzle on the whole, as we would expect from Brummie.

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Independent 7118 by Tyrus (Saturday Prize Puzzle 8 August 2009)

Posted by duncanshiell on 14th August 2009


I struggled with this puzzle having to return to it a number of times.  With hindsight I think that the wordplay was clever but very fair.  The definitions were well disguised which made for a very challenging puzzle .

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Enigmatic Variations 874: Arthur by Oxymoron

Posted by Dave Hennings on 14th August 2009

Dave Hennings.

A nice short preamble: five answers have one letter added or removed and then arranged for entry. The lengths for these clues refer to the answer, rather than entry, lengths, so they are easily identified. The five letters can be arranged to form a word which explains how to resolve the clashes in every other entry.

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