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Financial Times 13,158 / Neo

Posted by Agentzero on August 18th, 2009


A mix that included some fairly easy anagrams and some significantly trickier (and well done) clues.  I really enjoyed this, even though 3 down still eludes me.

1 PREVENT PRE (before) VENT (opening)
5 ARBITER BITE (what a vampire might do) in A RR (a bishop)
9 NYLON N (new) + *(ONLY)
10 LEISURELY L (money) + IS inside EU + RELY (bank)
11 CONSTRAIN CONS (prisoners) TRAIN (work out)
12 PANEL dd
13 EXTRA dd.  Simple, but good.
15 IMAGINARY I (one) MARY (girl) around GINA (another girl)
18 GENEVIEVE GENE (DNA unit) VI (six) EVE (first offender).  I thought Eve=first offender was brilliant.  Also, a nicely misleading clue; I already had 18dn and saw the answer began with “G” and was initially sure that “Girl’s first” was the wordplay for the initial G. 
19 TORCH Another nice dd
21 ANTON hidden in womAN TONight.  Who knew the FT could be so risque?
23 CASSANDRA C (see) ASS (fool) AND (with) RA (artist)
25 PUT PAID TO UP reversed + *(DO IT + TAP)
26 GHOST G (good) HOST (old army)
27 EVEREST E (Expedition’s leader) + RE (about) in VEST
28 KENNEDY KEN (Scots ‘know’) + *(DENY)
1 PANACHE PAN (god) ACHE (pain)
2 ELLINGTON [w]ELLINGTON; ref. the Duke of Wellington and jazz great Duke Ellington
3 ERNST Not sure about this.  Max Ernst was a painter and would fit with the crossing letters.  If that’s the answer, I suspect that the S is signaled by “[Stour]port on Severn,” but can’t work out the rest. Per Conrad Cork:  this is hidden in Stourport-on-SevERN SToke-upon-Trent
4 TALKATIVE TALE (story) around K AT IV (king at four)
5 ALIEN ALI (foreign film) EN (space)
6 BLUEPRINT BLUE (down) + R (mid-afteRnoon) in PINT.  Not sure the insertion indicator quite works for me.
7 TIE-IN T (start for ‘transport’) IE (that is) IN (home)
8 ROYALTY *(TROY LAY) Good surface.
17 AERODROME A [h]EROD (An old king, ‘Henry’ dropped) ROME (Catholic church)
18 GRAPPLE GR (Greek) APPLE (tree)
22 TITLE hidden in wanT IT LEft
23 CADET CAD (rotter) ET (in paris, ‘with’).  “With” is normally AVEC but perhaps in French AND can correspond to WITH as they can in English.

6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,158 / Neo”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    3 down is a hidden word, between Severn and Stoke.

  2. Agentzero says:

    Thanks, Conrad! I was so persuaded that there was some complicated wordplay in there somewhere that I overlooked the obvious…

  3. johnson says:

    Aaah! One we finished. And it was good to see the puzzle on the site the same day it appeared in the FT. Which we stole off the Tube, but there you go. Best clue ANTON? Yeeesssssssssss.

  4. Ganesh says:

    My interpretation for 5Dn is as below:

    Foreign – ALIEN
    film with space monster : ALIEN ( )

    From a British perspective, ALIEN can be considered as a ‘Foreign film with space monster’ too (since it is a US film)

  5. Neo says:

    That was indeed the intended parsing, thanks Ganesh.

  6. Neo says:

    And – as I should have said first time around – very many thanks to Agent Zero for the blog.

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