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Financial Times 13,159 / Cinephile

Posted by Gaufrid on August 19th, 2009


A mixed bag today with some old chestnuts (eg 12a, 2d & 22d), a relatively modern reference (4d) and some clues that are typical Cinephile (eg 1d & 6d).

I have a question mark against a couple of anagram indicators (27a & 19d), and I believe there is an error in 21a (made up for by the definition), but the anagram fodder in 9d made me smile. Overall an enjoyable, but in places challenging, solve.

1 MURMANSK  MANS (humanity’s) in MURK (obscurity)
5 SACHET  ACHE (suffering) in ST (a way)
10 SLEEPER  dd
11 ROBINIA  ROBIN (bird) I (one) A
12 ROUEN  ROUE (rake) N (northern)
13 REMINISCE  RE (about) MINIS (small cars) CE (church)
14 WEDDING BELLS  if said by Spooner could become ‘bedding (blankets) wells (sci-fi writer, H G Wells)’
18 STAFF COLLEGE  STAFF (stick) LEG (walker) in COLE (king)
21 ALEXANDRA  ALE (drink) X (unknown) AND (with) RA (sun) – the wordplay for the last element should have been ‘sun-god’ rather than simply ‘sun’ but I liked the definition ‘palatial girl’
23 INCUR  IN (fashionable) CUR (dog)
24 LORELEI  LOREL (Hardy fellow) EI homophone of ‘I’ (crossword setter)
25 ASPHALT  ASP (snake) HALT (stop)
26 DETEST  DE (of, in French) TEST (exam)
27 FEARSOME  *(FROM EASE) – ‘removing’ as an anagram indicator?

1 MISERY  dd – for the ‘being like Scrooge’ the answer needs to be pronounced as if one were saying ‘like a miser’, not a real word but typical Cinephile
2 RHESUS  dd
3 ASPEN LEAF  AS (when) PEN (writer) LEAF (page)
4 SIR FRED GOODWIN  *(FERRIS) D (‘d) GOOD WIN (deserved success)
6 ALBAN  hidden in ‘royAL BANk’
7 HONESTLY  L in HONESTY (Lunaria)
8 TRAVERSE  ART (painting) reversed VERSE (poetry)
15 BIG DIPPER  dd – another name for the constellation of the Plough
16 ASSAILED  ASS (fool) AILED (was poorly)
17 WATER RAT  TERRA (not in its element) in WAT (Tyler)
19 OCTAVO  *(VOCAT[i]O[n]) – the paper size ‘octavo’ is 228mm x146mm which is close to that of A5 (210mm x 148mm) – ‘discovered’ as an anagram indicator?
20 WRITHE  WRIT (summons) HE (man)
22 ATLAS  dd

One Response to “Financial Times 13,159 / Cinephile”

  1. jetdoc says:

    I think 27a can be read as ‘re-moving’. An easy puzzle, but an enjoyable one. I like 14a.

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