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Financial Times 13,151 – Crux

Posted by Uncle Yap on August 20th, 2009

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 10 August 2009
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

This excellent puzzle by Crux has a little of everything, foreign language, nostalgia, zodiac signs, whisky, wine and miscellaneous goodies . Like his cattle in 8Down, Crux also has a sense of humour. Very entertaining and fun to solve.

1 X-CHROMOSOMES cd, the reference to the nunnery points to female; a chromosome associated with sex-determination, in mammals occurring paired in the female zygote and cell, and alone in the male zygote and cell (Chambers)
10 AT TIMES Ins of T (first letter of taking) in A TIMES (newspaper)
11 OIL-RICH Ins of IL (French for the pronoun, he) in *(choir)
12 GREED GREEN (jealous) minus N plus D (daughter)
15 INDIAN FILE What a delightful cd which had me fooled for a while as I did not at first associate ‘crows’ with Amerind but with the feathered type
16 CHIN dd which reminded me of his TV show in the 50/60’s (in glorious black & white) Hitchcock and his double chin would always start the show with a “Good evening”.  Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be (sigh)
18 GODS Acrostic (first letters of the fodder)
20  UBERMENSCH German for Superman (which Clark Kent becomes when the world needs a hero with super powers)
22 TELLTALE Tale (story) about William TELL, the Swiss archer who shot an apple placed on his son’s head
24 GEOID *(God i.e.)
26 CAMERON CAMEROON (West African country) minus O (round)
28 ABBREVIATION *(above Britain) Clever defimition part, UFOs, for example

2 CUT DEAD Cha of CUT (wound) DEAD (gone numb) to refuse to recognize or acknowledge or to snub or slight another person.
3 REMEDIAL REME (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) + DIAL (call)
4 MUSH dd (see Chambers mush 1 and 3)
5 SMOKE ALARM Cha of SMOKE (cigarette) ALARM (scare)
6 MALTA MALT (whisky) + A
7 SPINACH SPINE (back) minus E + ACHE (pain) minus E
8 LAUGHING STOCK Cattle with a sense of humour, priceless. Aunt Sally is a target for abuse
9 SHOT IN THE DARK Another excellent re-representation ‘filmed at night’ Crux has been most creative
14 OFF BALANCE OFF (bad) BALANCE (symbol for Libra, a sign of the Zodiac)
17 RED GIANT Cha of RED (revolutionary) GIANT (Atlas, say)
19 DILEMMA DIL (rev of LID, cover) EMMA (Miss Woodhouse, heroine from Emma, by the “lady with the golden gun”, Jane Au sten (`a la Araucaria in Guardian 24777)
21 SCORPIO Scorpion (deadly killer) minus n for another Zodiac sign represented by the archer
23 THROB *(bother minus e)
25 ASTI rha, I will drink to that :-)

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  1. Craig Jones says:

    Really liked 28A, very clever.

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