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Enigmatic Variations No. 875 – No Complaints by Hypnos

Posted by Gaufrid on August 22nd, 2009


A reasonably quick solve for this one, then a lot of head scratching trying to parse 17d and 26d. This was greatly helped once I had realised the theme and could complete the first word given by the extra letters in the down clues.

 The four clues that had to be treated before grid entry all had a word meaning ‘grouse’ removed from them (mene, moan, beef & carp).

The extra letters in the subsidiary indications in thirteen down clues spelt out ‘Goodwood’ and ‘Night’. By association, this indicated that the occasion was the ‘GLORIOUS TWELFTH’ (from Glorious Goodwood and Twelfth Night), the start of the grouse shooting season, and this was to be written below the grid.

The three pairs of unclued entries were: flap/medical drama, Othello/anchor and ride/wedding. These gave the three elements required as follows:

flap=beat + medical drama=er = BEATER
Othello was a Moor and to anchor is to moor = MOOR
There is a shotgun wedding and you can ride shotgun = SHOTGUN

A most enjoyable puzzle with just about the right degree of difficulty in determining the theme.

*(XXX) – anagram
[x] – letter(s) omitted/unused
# – Unclued
{xxxx} – omitted word or extra letter

1 REAPER  REA[d] (study for the most part) PER (a)
6 WHEESHT  E (English) S (society) H (hotel) in WHET (stimulus)
12 ISLAM  S (singular) in MALI (country) reversed
13 UNBEAR  UN (one that’s local) BEAR (Rupert, say)
15 EELS  [h]EELS (despicable fellows initially ignored)
16 RUDE  homophone of ‘rood’ (cross)
18 HAAR  H (hard) A (area) A R (river)
19 GARIALS  LAIR (den) in SAG (move slowly) reversed
20 ETA  dd
22 EASE  [t]EASE[r] (tricky question without limits)
23 FLAP  #
28 AT IT  TITA[n] (giant figure largely) reversed
29 LAUS  {mene}LAUS  ELA (highest note) in MENUS (lists of options)
31 SAS  SA{moan}S  A MO (month) in SANS (health resorts)
33 CHADARS  ADAR (a month) in CH (Switzerland) S (Sweden)
34 ANNA  [m]ANNA (miraculous cheer when leader’s absent)
36 PUDU  PUD (hand) U[nsettle]
38 COOP  CO (firm) OP (work)
40 OLIGOTROPHIC  GI reversed (retired soldier) in *(POOR LOCH IT)
41 SLAIRG  IR (taxmen, Inland Revenue) in SLAG (waste)
42 LOWER  {bee-f}LOWER  *(FEEL) in BOWER (garden feature)
43 SONNETS  SON (child) NETS (sessions for practising)
44 AERATE  A ERA (time) ET (unworldly visitor) reversed

1 RIDE  #
2 ESMENT  ES{carp}MENT  E (English) SCAR (cliff) MEN (employees) in PT (training)
3 PADSAW  PADS (flat’s) A W (wide)
4 EMIRATE  EMI{g}RATE (leave one state permanently for another)
5 RECURED  CURE (priest at Lourdes) in RED (wine)
6 WOAD  WO (without) AD{o} (fuss)
7 ENDURE  EN{o} (opera company) DURE[r] (snubbed artist) – Albrecht Durer
8 EBRO  hidden in ‘smilE{d} BROadly)
9 SEA WALLS  WAL[e] (endless ridge) in SEALS (marine creatures)
10 HAMULAR  HAM (meat) U[ncut] LAR[d] (fat mostly)
17 GET ACROSS  C{o}RO[t]’S (timeless artist’s) in *(STAGE) – Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
19 GADUS  G{o}AD (stick) US (American)
21 APIARIAN  ARIA (song) in A PI (good) N (note)
26 ISADORA  SAD (stiff) in {d}IOR (couturier) A (one)
27 NONUPLE  NO (drama) L (line) in NUPE (African language)
29 LAHORE  A H (hot) in LORE{n} (actress) – Sophia Loren
30 ANCHOR  #
32 AVOCET  A VO{i}ce (singer) T (tenor)
35 AGIN  [r]AG{g}IN[g] (tradition in public schools banning outsiders)
37 URNS  {h}UR[o]N’S (Great Lake’s cleared of old)
39 PORE  POR{t}E (former Turkish government)

3 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations No. 875 – No Complaints by Hypnos”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Agree it was a very good puzzle – despite trying hard, failed to crack the theme but seeing the solution have NO COMPLAINTS

  2. Jim T says:

    Very much enjoyed this. I had the grid pretty much filled before I worked out the theme.

  3. Hypnos says:

    Many thanks for the blog and comments.

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