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Financial Times 13,166 / Sleuth

Posted by Gaufrid on August 27th, 2009


A pangrammatic puzzle today with a good mixture of clue types.

A minor quibble with 31a in that both ‘beaten’ and ‘beeton’ could be entered into the grid and, depending upon how one reads the clue, either could be the correct solution. However, the most straightforward reading leads to ‘beaten’.

1 TRUMAN  dd – Harry S Truman (former US President) and homophone (‘in report’) of Fred Trueman (former Yorkshire and England fast bowler)
4 VERBIAGE  VERB (part of speech) I (one) AGE (time)
9 NEWTON  WT (weight) in NEON (element)
10 DISCLOSE  D (date) IS CLOSE (actress, Glenn Close)
12 CLEAR-CUT  C (chapter) LEAR (poet) CUT (excised)
13 ABLAZE  A BLAZE[r] (part of school outfit not right)
15 TO-DO  [pud]D[ing] in TOO (also)
16 KIBBUTZ  K[ingdom] I[n] B[ig] B[rother] U[nifying] T[his] Z (unknown)
20 LOBELIA  OBE (award) in *(ALL I)
21 WINO  hidden in ‘windoW IN Off-licence’
25 VOLLEY  dd
28 CHIVALRY  CH (church) [r]IVALRY (competition not initially)
29 MAKE UP  dd
30 TIGHTWAD  W (wife) in *(THAT DIG)
31 BEATEN  homophone of ‘beeton’ (cookery writer, Mrs Isabella Beeton)

2 UNWIELDY  U (posh) L (learner) in *(NEW DIY)
3 ABOARD  A O (nothing) in BARD (poet)
5 EDIT  hidden in ‘contestED ITem’
6 BACKBITE  BIT (small amount) in BACKE[r] (sponsor largely)
7 AMORAL  A MOR[t]AL (person lacking sign of truth)
8 EXETER  E (European) in [d]EXTER (crime writer giving no introduction, Colin Dexter)
14 OBLIQUE  dd
17 FORECAST  FOR (in support of) E (English) CAST (players)
19 HOMESPUN  HOME (former PM, Sir Alec Douglas-Home) SPUN (given a favourable slant)
22 AVOCET  A VO[i]CE (sound I missed) T[ree]
23 FLYING  Y (yard) in FLING (throw)
24 SCRAPE  SCRAP (fight) [offic]E
27 AREA  A REA[l] (largely genuine)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,166 / Sleuth”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Very good puzzle, not too hard. Favourites, VOLLEY and PUNCTURE. I thought BEATEN was OK as the clue read “On radio, cookery writer is overwhelmed” so the homophone had to relate to ‘Beeton’ ie first part of clue, giving BEATEN as the answer as I saw it.

  2. Sil van den Hoek says:

    I haven’t solved any Sleuth puzzles so far, this one was the first.
    I am not sure if I liked it.
    The main reason is that Sleuth is fond of the take-one-letter-out-of-a-word technique.
    13ac: BLAZE[r]
    28ac: [r]IVALRY
    6dn: BACKE[r]
    7dn: MOR[t]AL
    8dn: [d]EXTER
    11dn: BE[n]
    22dn: VO[i]CE
    27dn: REA[l]
    Gosh, it looks like I am redoing the blog.
    See the point?

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