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Inquisitor 138 – LANDED by Loda

Posted by HolyGhost on August 28th, 2009


Back from walking in the Pyrenees – let’s hope this puzzle isn’t as controversial as #133!
Three (unspecified) answers are to be modified before entry, and answers to the eight italicised clues each have a thematic element removed. Corrected misprints in the definitions of half the remaining clues spell out a useful phrase. We have to highlight what was landed (24 cells).
The grid was 12 rows by 11 columns; also the length indications for two clues didn’t match the grid entries (20d and 32d) – though these seem to be simply minor typos.

Things progressed smoothly, and it soon became apparent that 35a was carpENTER, followed by SkipperING at 15a, and StroutED at 39a – so we have a FISH theme, further evidenced by cohoBATE (4d) and SparrOWS (5d). (Lots of salmon-related elements, except for carp.) The answer to 20d was CORDOTOMY, entered as COR·OMY, and that to 3d was SLAPDASH entered as SLAP. By now, one could see FLY–FISHING emerging as row 5, and J·R·HARTLEY as row 9. (Thus the entry at 31d was ·TLE, coming from DOTTLE.) The final two cells to be highlighted were BY in the middle of row 7.

With many of the corrected misprints already detected, it transpired that the useful phrase was GOOD OLD YELLOW PAGES, so it was all over bar the shouting – except for the last three fish. I never like this much work to do after essentially finishing the puzzle – it always feels a bit of a trudge. Anyway, they came out in their own good time: PEAcockS at 16a, RElaxED at 33d, and finally ALAmort at 29a – all three of them salmon.

[XYZ]! = homophone

No. Answer/
1 SPAS sprinGs SP(ecial) + (f)AS(t)
4 BUS SUB (=loan) rev.
6 FREE bOld FR (=father) + (p)E(t)E(r)
9 HILL tOr H(ot) + ILL (=out of sorts)
10 HOIKS H(eroin) + [IS OK]*
12 ECLAT EC (=East Central =city) + LAT(e) (=finished)
15 SkipperING Double definition
16 PEAcockS POCKS (=pustules) around EAC(h) (=every one)
17 FLY Dash FL (=floruit =flourished) + (da)Y
18 FISHING SHIN (=letter) in FIG (=dress)
19 DECOR D(iamonds) + EC (=East Caribbean) + OR (=gold)
21 HEDGE HE + (ha)D + EG (=for example) rev.
23 CAROB chOc [FOR CAB – F(ine)]*
24 YARER Locally Hidden: (twent)Y ARE R(ehearsing)
26 ALARUMS AL(uminium) + ARUMS (=plant’s)
29 ALAmort [ROAM + (f)LAT(s)]*
32 HART Deer [RAT]* after H(usband {??})
34 OTTO OTT (=over the top =excessive) + (ar)O(ma)
35 carpENTER [PRANCE]* + T(h)E + R(oger)
36 LYMPH Yellow LYNCH (=injudiciously kill) – NC (=North Carolina) + MP (=Member {of Parliament})
37 AURA AURA(l) (=of the ear)
38 EERY EVERY (=each from group) – V (=five)
39 StroutED S(everal) + T(ribesmen) + ROUTED (=utterly defeated)
40 SUSS dopE US (=American) in SS (=Schutzstaffel =bodyguards)
{SUSS, dope = knowledge, information}
No. Answer/
1 SHELFS Ledges [FLESH]* + S(ons)
2 PICUL PIC(k) (=best) + U(se) + L(ighter)
{BOB = to dock, to bobtail}
SLAP (=thematic {i.e. fishing} period) + DASH (=frustrate)
4 cohoBATE [HOOC(h) + B(lack) TEA]*
5 SparrOWS ROWS (=lines) after SPAR (=pole)
6 FISCHER [FISHER]! (=thematic {i.e. fishing} exponent)
7 ESNE sLave Hidden: (hors)E’S NE(ck)
8 ENGAGE prOmise ENE (=e’en =even, poetic) around GAG (=silence)
11 KIWI K(ai) + I(n) + W(ellington) + I(nitially) {is this &lit?}
13 LAYER foWl LAY (=bed) + ER (=queen)
18 FOB Pocket FOB (=free on board)
COR (=homer) + DO before TO + MY (=well {expressing surprise})
21 HAS H(enry) + A(bsent) + S(hingles)
22 DEALT crAck D (=500) + L (=pounds) in EAT (=Tanzania)
23 CAJOLE [LOCATE – T(ime) + J(ack)]*
25 TAYRAS TAY (=river) + RA (=Royal Academician =artist) + S(tokes)
27 ARTY Goya TARTY (=vulgar) – T(aste)
28 ETNAS ANT (=worker) rev. in ES (=El Salvador)
30 LEERS Eyes REEL (=spool) rev. + (proces)S
Double definition
32 HUPS horSe Hidden: (fort)H UPS(tream)
33 RElaxED AXED (=given the chop) after REL(ative)

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  1. IanN14 says:

    Thanks HolyGhost,
    I’m with you on your last para.
    I finished it apart from a couple of the fish.
    Never heard of coho, or cohobate.
    Yes, 11d. A strange one…

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