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Everyman 3282

Posted by Arthur on 30th August 2009


It felt like a lot of anagrams and first or last letters this week, but maybe that was just the order in which I approached the clues. The few place name answers were not hard to work out from the wordplay, but also not that well-known (at least to me) so some post-crossword googling was required to check. Actually as a general rule, while the answers weren’t always obvious from the definition, the wordplay was usually pretty easy so it shouldn’t have been particularly troubling. Read the rest of this entry »

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Azed 1943

Posted by John on 30th August 2009


I am always full of admiration for Azed’s grids. Here he has what seems to me to be a great achievement, four twelve-letter words, two next to each other going down the centre of the puzzle and two going across. As always, some of the words in the puzzle are very rare, but everything is clued soundly and fairly. Read the rest of this entry »

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