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Private Eye/Cyclops 398 – Blown away

Posted by beermagnet on August 31st, 2009


Trouble with overconfidently putting in a couple of answers this time caused hold-ups but nothing that couldn’t be sorted out in the same solving session.

8 PRITHEE (HI PETER)* AInd: outed
9 HOLDALL OLD inside [Peter] HALL
10 FATAL BLOW Aaaargh! First answer I confidently write in: BLOWN AWAY – I thought with “To-die-for” and “finish you off” it was a cert. and thought I’d work out the rest later. Then I find I can’t make anything cross and when I get 4D BELLYFUL I realise it must be FINAL BLOW (!) Thankfully, one bitten twice shy, when I was left with something odd for 1D I suspected this answer again. Anyway, decoding: Charade: FATAL (to-die-for) BLOW (Oral sex act) Def. a bang to finish you off
11 SICKO (OK CI[a]’S)< RevInd: flipping Def: Nutter
12 SHIT FOR BRAINS CD in the most appalling manner. Oh dear. I suspect being able to write this in on the first pass with no crossing letters says more about me than the setter. Full clue:
Stupid verbal diarrhoea a result of having this? (4,3,6)
14 ASEXUAL (SAUL AXE)* AInd: Fumbled
16 CONDONE CON (Archer was) DONE (accomplished) Joint last in – see 16D below
18 DOWNING STREET OWNING (admitting) inside [thir]D and STREET (way)
23 AT SEA ([l]A[bour] SEAT)* AInd: lost
24 UP THE WALL UP (erection) THE WALL (Ivy’s course) – I think – perhaps “course” just gives WALL. Full clue:
Mad Ivy’s course fixating on erection? (2,3,4)
25 CLOSE-UP LOSE (miss) inside CUP (bra feature)
26 UMPTEEN [h]UMP TEEN Umpteen is one of those that seems to pop up in crossword grids more than normal conversation – or is that just my experience?
2 CHILLI HILL (mound) inside [chi]C [arman]I
3 BELLYFUL L[eft] (FLY)* AInd: undone all inside (LUBE)* AInd: messy
5 CLOSE-RUN C[onservative] LOSER (no-hoper) UN (international body)
6 TAI CHI (HIT CIA)* AInd: abroad
7 BLOODSHED (O (love) HOLDS)* AInd: relaxed all inside BED (the sack)
13 BALD PATCH BAL[l] (testicle short) D[ate] PATCH (to repair) Lovely Def: William Hague certainly has one
15 URINATED URI [Geller] (DANTE)* AInd: pissed
16 CUT IT OUT CUT (nick) IT (sex) OUT (abroad) Def: Stop. I convinced myself this must be “Put it out” as in a dog-end but couldn’t justify “Nick” until I understood 16A. Full clue:
Stop Nick having sex abroad (3,2,3)
17 OUTDATED OUT (published) D[emocrat] [m]ATED
19 WISDOM (SO DI)* AInd: screwed around inside W[ith] M[ale] Def: ageing comedian. Indeed Norman of that ilk (“Bayonet Practice” clip)  I can understand why he became so famous in Albania – his films always make me laugh – that could be because I was exposed to them at an impressionable age
20 GRUMPY RUMP (arse) inside G[u]Y (heartless bloke)
21 EXEMPT EX (partner once) E[nergy] (PMT)* AInd: bad
22 FLAN [nai]L inside FAN (nut – as in fanatic)

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 398 – Blown away”

  1. The trafites says:

    12ac – we too got this almost immediately – says a lot about us all, really 😀

    Another great xword from Cyclops.

    Nick & Lorraine

  2. bamberger says:

    10a Yes -put in final blow and so did another solver I know . Funny how fatal just didn’t come to mind

  3. Craig Jones says:

    I went down the FINAL BLOW route as well, which caused me all sorts of problems solving 1D.

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