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Guardian 24794 / Gordius

Posted by mhl on 2nd September 2009


I found this puzzle tough, and didn’t finish it even with both of us working on it. I think that’s just due to a few things we’d never heard of, though.

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Financial Times 13,171 / Gozo

Posted by Gaufrid on 2nd September 2009


Some very easy clues in today’s puzzle in which all the across answers were items of clothing. I was held up briefly towards the end having confidently put in ‘stocks’ (an archaic term for stockings) at 1a which made 3d rather problematic until I realised the homophone. The shorts=securities in 1a is probably something a typical FT reader would know but it is possibly a little obscure for those outside the finance industry.

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Independent 7139/Dac

Posted by John on 2nd September 2009


A typically pleasant crossword. Unusually for Dac, there are one or two things I’m not completely comfortable with: no doubt someone will come to the rescue. Read the rest of this entry »

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