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Financial Times 13,173 / Satori

Posted by shuchi on September 4th, 2009


A stimulating, challenging puzzle from Satori.

This is the first Satori puzzle I’m blogging about; it is sad that he is no more. For those who missed it, tributes to the fine compiler on fifteensquared: link,  and in the Guardian: link.

7D is still unexplained, hopefully someone will help fill the gap. // Update: 7D filled. Thanks, CGR.


1 KISSCURL starting letters of ‘Key is…loose’.
5 ECLAIR (LACIER)* with “confection” as both anagrind and definition
10 ASCII AS (when) C (see) II (two eyes)
11 STARBOARD STARRED (was leading character) around BOA (snake) – E (food additive)
12 TRUCKLING TRUCK (transport) LING (fish)
13 RISHI IS H[erb], in [ame]RI[ca]
14 DECADE sounds like ‘decayed’
15 STEPSON STEPS ON (crushes)
18 MATADOR MOR[e] around A TAD
20 DURUMS U (bend) in DRUMS (instruments). Had to look this up, “durum” a breed of wheat used in making pasta.
22 YAHOO hidden in ‘crY A HOOker’. From the tribe of savage creatures in Gulliver’s Travels.
24 DEMURRAGE DEMUR (doubt) RAGE (storm)
25 ERUPTIONS (NITRES + [s]POU[t])* &lit
26 SKIMP SKIM (quick glance) on P (page)
27 NATURE dd


1 KRAITS STARK (completely) around I, reversed.
2 SUCCULENT sounds like ‘suck you lent’
3 CLICKS AND MORTAR CLICK (get on) SAND + MORTAR (building materials). A punning derivation from “bricks and mortar”. Interesting wordplay but debatable definition here. A company is “clicks and mortar” if it has both physical retail stores plus web-based sales. Many online businesses are web-based only, so they aren’t “clicks and mortar”.
4 RESTIVE REST (sleep) V[ampire] in I.E. (that is)
7 AMASS AMAS (“you love” in Latin) + S (Sabbath)
9 CADGES CAGES (prisons) around D (dead)
17 EMPYREAN PYRE (fire), in NAME (star i.e. famous personality) reversed // Update: Typo fixed. Thanks, Conrad.
19 RADIOS R (run) ADIOS (sounds like ‘adieus’) // Update: ADIOS is Spanish for ‘farewell’. Thanks, Richard.
20 DAMOSEL SOMA (drug) in LED, reversed. I haven’t come across this spelling of the word before. Chambers lists more variants – DAMOZEL, DAMOISEL.
21 SEXPOT ST around EXPO (exhibition)
23 HAUNT HUNT (look for) around A

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,173 / Satori”

  1. C G Rishikesh says:


    Prob. amas (“you love” in Latin) + S (Sabbath)

    The classicists will confirm.

    I am a little uncomfortable about the punctuation or lack of it in ‘get together’.

    Amass, v., may be ‘get together’ but in the surface reading of the clue, I think it is a noun and should have been hyphenated.

  2. Eileen says:

    Your parsing is spot-on, Rishi. I’m not too unhappy about the lack of hyphen.

    [13ac raised a smile. :-)]

  3. Conrad Cork says:

    Little typo in 17d Shuchi. Empyrean, not empyreal.

    Excellent blog though, thanks.

  4. Richard says:

    Adios in 19d is just spanish for farewell.

    Good blog, irritating puzzle

  5. shuchi says:

    Thanks for all your comments! I’ve made edits accordingly.

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