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Independent 7141 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on September 4th, 2009


Not for the first time, a puzzle from Phi with a musical flavour.   Four musical instruments in symmetrical positions in the corners and a fifth in 11 down.  A pleasing solve, with everything clear.

Solving time, 22 mins.

* = anagram   < =  reversed


1 TIME SIGNAL   (I’m stealing)*

6 VI (six in Roman numerals)  OL (d)


10 STEM   Mets<


15 ACTU (RIA) AL    Ria = drowned valley as seasoned solvers know.

17 CHEW  spinneY     chopper = helicopter choppers = teeth   (Thanks, Simon for explaining – comment 2 – that this is C HEW Y)

18 RE  ADY    DAY with A(one)  advanced

19 F(A N L)ETTER     Favourite clue with great definition ‘corresponding praise’  !

20 CHEMICAL COSH   (lace his choc m)*   m = trace of marijuana (first letter).  Treatment to pacify.

24 D (Germany)  AIL    The lower house of the Irish Parliament (from the Irish language – pronounced Doyle)

25 S (IMPLICIT)Y    limits = first and last letters of SerenitY

26 LUTE   u (university) for a in late (recently)

27 INVIOLABLE    (novel alibi)*   When I saw ‘viol’ in that I wondered if Phi was going to give other answers including the other three corner instruments, but apparently not.    Would probably be very hard or impossible so just a coincidence but in the Indy one looks out for Ninas.


1 TUB A   (but)<


3 SELF-ANALYSIS   (Asses finally)*

4 GO DOT    Samuel Beckett’s play ‘Waiting for Godot”.    Dots in Morse code

5 ADRENALIN   (inland area)* less a

7 INT ROVER(T)S    iT ultimately (last letter)

8 LUMBER YARD    dray<

11 GLOCKENSPIEL    (Cellos keeping)* less one e

13 PATRICIDAL   (rid capital)*  ‘of’ in the definition pointing to the adjective

14 STRATE (treats)*  GIST

16 IN (fashionable)  FLATI(r)ON    Flatiron Building in New York

21 CAPRIcious

22 LIMB(o)    From ‘out on a limb’

23 LYRE  hidden

3 Responses to “Independent 7141 by Phi”

  1. NealH says:

    I was initially inclined to put timber for 8 down, but thefreedictionary kindly provided me with lumber as an alternative, more sensible choice when I went to check it.

  2. Simon Harris says:

    Enjoyed this one a lot, although conditions were favourable as I tackled it in the local over a lazy pint, rather than on the Bakerloo Line as is often the case.

    I stumbled on ACTUARIAL (I’m clearly not sufficiently seasoned :)), and also CHEWY. Not sure if there’s a “helicopter” reference although I looked for one – it seems to be C + HEW + [spinne]Y.

  3. alan j cannon says:

    This crossword is reappearing each day now (Monday 7th). Anybody got any idea what that’s about?

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