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Independent 7146 by Scorpion

Posted by nmsindy on September 10th, 2009


I found this extremely tough, to say the least, setter made tremendous effort to use meanings of words that gave consistent surface readings. Solving time, 73 mins.

* = anagram < = reversed


5 PA (ap<) PAY (cough up) A a.p. = ante prandium (before a meal from Latin – used on prescriptions).

7 BUR ROWER rub<

9 JIM “gym” C (college) LARK (play about). F1 Racing Driver killed in accident in 1968.

10 Lawrence OATES (set = prepared a o – first letters)< With the clue perhaps literally describing what happened the Antarctic explorer who perished there in 1912

11 L (“led with” left) oUR Enry boxing = containment (hidden) indicator

12 TEWKESBURY (buyers wet k = start to knock)*

13 CRYSTAL PA LACE (past Lycra)*

16 PROS Conference IUTTO (it out)*

19 TUCK Double definition pinch = tuck = hamper, I think

21 BROOD “brewed”

22 R E (D-LIG)HT (th(gild)e R)< gild = association housing is containment indicator R = Revenue’s capital

23 DARK AGES (Grade As k = last letter of Jack)*

24 TEEN’S spraY


1 MAL(I)BU I = internet’s no 1 (first letter) in (album)*

2 B (A) S ALT

3 ARB ORE TA bra<

4 HO (T TU) B

6 ARCHERY “Sport getting a new ball, with rule lifted”. Got this from definition (sport) and have confirmed on website. Do not understand the wordplay.

7 BAKE (WELL) (TAR) TS (basket)*

8 ELSTREE Studio Meryl Streep less lines (ry = railway) and outside letters (‘unconfined’)

13 CEREB RA (be rec)<

14 T (HIRD) AG E Dame Thora Hird

15 A Shovel TRID stablE (dirt)<

17 STOCK(port) Y

18 OD(D)I TwentY

20 C (O-HOS)T Soho<

6 Responses to “Independent 7146 by Scorpion”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    6d A CHERRY (new ball, cricket) with R (rule) lifted

  2. Morph says:

    I agree, this was pretty tough, with a wide variety of indicators used to conceal the anagrams, containments etc – ‘poured out’ to indicate a homonym is perhaps a bit of a stretch, but fits the surface beautifully. I didn’t get PAPAYA, guessed there might be a fruit called PACATA instead!

  3. IanN14 says:

    Agreed with nms & Morph; very tricky, but mostly fair.
    (Not sure about 11ac. though. A hidden indicator for just some of the answer….?
    Hmmm… Is that allowed these days?).

  4. Jake says:

    Excellent stuff here, I’m a devoted fan of Scorpion, Tyrus, and Punk- In my top ten of must solves..

    1dn started me off, though the anagram was fine I still don’t get the ‘Malibu’ answer, the word-play for the definition works fine, but, unless I’m missing something what is it suppose to mean?

    MAL(I)BU I = internet’s no 1 (first letter) in (album)*

    Is Malibu the no 1 site or album? Or JUST the cluing for word-play ???

    Thank you for the blog NMS. Brilliant!

  5. Jake says:

    Sorry all. Malibu is literally a surfing site (in the ocean) – as in surf boarding the waves.

    D’oh! Silly me….

  6. NealH says:

    Not being much of an F1 fan and a bit too young to remember him, I’d never heard of Jim Clark, so that hampered me for the top left corner. Apart from that, I enjoyed the puzzle.

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