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Financial Times 13,179 / Bradman

Posted by shuchi on September 11th, 2009


A delightful puzzle, the two long anagrams at 1D, 10D being the highlights. Quite tough too, had to pick up my dictionary several times. The top-right corner was especially tricky taking me double the time than the rest of the puzzle.


1 COAL TIT (TAIL)* in COT (bed)
5 ACCEDE E (English) DECCA (music company)
8 RAPTUROUS RAP (knock) TU (union) ROUS[e] (anger)
9 INCAS IN (home) CAS[tle] (fortress)
11 OGRES alternate letters of ‘cOnGeR eElS’
12 ALL ABOARD A L (lake) + LAD (boy), around BOAR (pig)
13 YELLOWED YELL (shout) OWED (outstanding). Brilliant clue, especially in its use of ‘outstanding’.
15 TOPEKA TOPE (drink heavily) KA (ancient Egyptian word for a person’s soul). Topeka is the capital of the state of Kansas. Last one to go into the grid, after many minutes of internet trawling.
17 RESIDE ES (French art, because the French for ‘thou art’ is ‘tu es’) in RIDE (journey)
19 FAR NORTH A RN (whole lot of sailors) in FORTH (a river in Scotland)
22 TOURNEDOS (ON USED TO)*. A new word for me, tournedos is a cut of meat. Not so happy with the anagrind here: ‘cook [fodder]’, or ‘[fodder] cooked’ would be more convincing.
23 CAVES C (a hundred) AVES (birds as a class of vertebrates)
26 URCHIN UR- (combining form meaning ‘primitive’) CHIN (facial feature). urchin = monkey, as in a mischievous child.
27 EDITION [s]EDITION (rabble-rousing)


1 CARBOHYDRATES O in (STARCHY BREAD)* &lit. Applause, this is up there with Bradman’s LOTUS-EATER clue from an earlier puzzle.
2 APPAREL A, PARE (strip off) in PL (short for ‘place’)
3 TRUSS TRESS (long hair), with E changed to U
4 THORAXES THOR (God of thunder) AXES (fires, as in ‘dismisses’)
5 ANSELM S (end of ‘prayerS’) in AN ELMĀ  (a tree). Got the name from the wordplay, and looked up to find that Anselm of Canterbury is called the founder of scholasticism, and is famous for his argument for the existence of God.
6 CLIMBDOWN I M B[a]D in CLOWN (fool)
7 DECEASE DEC[r]EASE (get smaller). This took me a long time to solve, as I was not thinking of nouns.
10 SADDAM HUSSEIN (US HAD MADNESS I)* &lit. I’d have preferred it if both ‘suspected’ and ‘suspect’ weren’t in the same clue, but an excellent anagram nevertheless.
14 OGDEN NASH O[bject] GNASH (grind) around DeN (study)
16 CASSETTE ASSET (something worth having) replacing U[niversity] in CUTE
18 SMUGGER S (saint) MUGGER (violent criminal)
20 RAVIOLI R (recipe) A VIOLI[n] (fiddle)
21 ADRIAN D (damned, as in dead, I think) in ARIAN (heretic, a follower of Arianism), with “quite the opposite” inverting the c/c indication.
23 CARPI with NG (no good), leads to CARPING (complaining)

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,179 / Bradman”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks, Shuchi

    Some lovely clues, especially 1 and 10dn & lits.

    You’ve missed out 18dn: CASSETTE: ASSET replacing U[niversity] in CUTE.

  2. Eileen says:

    Sorry, I meant 16dn, of course.

  3. shuchi says:

    Thanks Eileen. Sorry about missing 16Dn, I’ll include it now. That was one of those (APPAREL was another) that got solved quickly but the explanation was harder to unravel.

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