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Financial Times 13,188 / Jason

Posted by Agentzero on September 22nd, 2009


This enjoyable puzzle was a mix of straighforward clues and some tricky ones. It took me a while to unravel the wordplay for some of them, learning a few new words in the process.

1 TRUFFLES T (temperature) RUFFLES (sends into disarray)
6 SWATCH TAWS (marbles) reversed + CH (church)
9 SUPER G S (the S after the apostrophe in “event’s”) UP (high) ERG (new word for me: an area of shifting sand dunes in the Sahara)
10 OLD FLAME OLD (aged) F (female) LAME (no longer able to walk)
11 FEET FEE (cost) T (tons).  From the rhyming slang “plates of meat”
12 TAKE THE RAP TAKE (get) THERAP[y] (incomplete treatment)
14 BRETHREN dd: the first reference being to the Plymouth Brethren, an evangelical movement, and the second to brothers in a monastic order
16 THAW *(WHAT) I thought this was clever.
18 ACHE  ACE (one) embracing H (husband)
19 FLAGRANT GRAN (old relative) in FLAT (residence)
22 AUTO A reverse clue; because AUTO + B (bachelor) can be anagrammed to form ABOUT
24 NECKLINE *(NICKEL) in NE (postal code for Nebraska)
26 LENDER L (left) END (close) ER (um, as in a hesitating vocalisation)
27 BADGER BAD (injured) GER (German)
28 SUNDRESS S (beginning to sweat) UNDRESS (remove)
2 ROUTE OUT (away) in R.E. (Royal Engineers)
4 LIGATURE LIG (enjoy free party) + *(A TRUE) Another new word:  to lig is to freeload, in particular to take advantage of hospitality in the entertainment industry
5 STOCKING FILLERS A triple definition! The first is “presents;” the second is “legs;” and the third is “Hungarian cash for sale”: the Hungarian equivalent of the penny is the filler, and if you have them for sale you are “stocking fillers.”
7 AIL A1 (top notch) L (learner)
13 ENTERTAINER ENTER (come) TAIN[t] (virtually spoil) ER (Queen)
15 ROCK OPERA COR (“Wow!”) reversed + KOP (terrace, at a football stadium) + ARE reversed.
17 MANDOLIN M (maiden) AND (with) O (old) L (line) IN.  A kitchen slicing tool, more commonly spelled mandoline.
20 ROSIER R (start to read) OSIER (willow)
23 TRESS T[ig]RESS TIGRESS (big cat) minus I (one) G (starting to growl)
25 KEG K (knight) EG (for example)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,188 / Jason”

  1. h pettingell says:

    Why ligature in 4 down?

  2. Agentzero says:

    H Pettingell,

    I remember this puzzle (it was a good one!) but no longer have a copy available to me. If you post the original clue I may be able to help.

    Just curious — did you find the puzzle somewhere on-line or did you simply have an old September FT still in your house?

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