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Financial Times 13,190/Cinephile

Posted by smiffy on September 24th, 2009


This was probably my most rapid completion of a Cinephile puzzle in donkey’s years.  Unfortunately, I ended up guessing incorrectly at 4D so I can’t claim a correct solution!  Plenty of double definition clues in the mix today.

1 WITH ALL MY HEART – wit + hall + (the army)*.  “Improve” being a novel anagrind.
10 CRAFT – double def’n.
11 MOTOR TOWN – MO + tort + own.  “Original”, as Motown has long since become accepted usage.
12 ANOTHER COUNTRY – not in (a her) + count + ry.  I knew neither the play nor the book references, but was at least familiar with the quotation “The past is another country….”.
13 HOT IRON – tiro in Hon.
14 EXACT – double def’n.
16 INDEMNITY – e(xemption) in (tiny mind)*.
19 SMALL BEER – punning.
20 SIBYL – hidden.
22 APROPOS – a prop +(so)<.
27 IMBROGLIO – I’m + Bro’ + g(ood) + lio(-n).  I quite enjoy literal wordplay devices (such as “detail” for shorten) when they particular suit the word in question (i.e. an animal).
29 LATTER DAY SAINT – latte + (and tray is)*.  Living just around the corner from a massive Mormon Temple, I get to these phrase emblazoned on items quite regularly.

2 INAMORATA – in +(Aroma)< + ta.
3 HITCH – double def’n.
4 LAMARTINE – (a martin) in le.  I’d never heard of Alphonse de L….  and plumped for the incorrect bird to end up with Lamerline.
5 MATCH – double def’n.
6 HARD TIMES – (this dream)*.
7 AMOUR – a.m. + our (“the FT’s”)
8 TENANCY – T.E. (Lawrence of Arabia) + Nancy
9 SCRAPE – double def’n.
15/17 TELEPHONE DIRECTORY – punning def’n.
18 SPATIAL – spat + I + a L.
19 IN BETWEEN – (bet + wee) in inn.
23  ROBOT – b in root.
24 SOLID – sol + ID.
26 ULTRA – ult + Ra (Egyptian mythology).

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,190/Cinephile”

  1. verbose says:

    21dn: Can you please explain how the clue works? I guessed Leyden from Leyden jars, but I can’t make sense of the entire clue. Thanks!

    4dn: As far as I know, Lamartine didn’t write fables; perhaps Cinephile is confused between him and La Fontaine?

  2. smiffy says:

    I had it pegged as ley + den. Ley lines are mystic/druidic(?) concepts. Not really sure of the details, but I think the theory is that they channel ancient “energy sources”. Is there a druid in the house who’d care to expound?

    Den = “study (at university)”. I thought originally that “university” might be an additional/bonus definition, but it turns out that the seat of learning is Leiden (not Leyden) University.

  3. Richard says:

    12a, 25a I thought the line from The Go-between was “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there”. Perhaps Cinephile is just doing it differently.

  4. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Re #2:
    LEYDEN is just LEY (line)+ DEN (study).
    Leyden is the same as Leiden, it is just the old Dutch spelling of the word, so Leyden does refer to its University, the place where the Leyden Jar (Or Leiden Jar) came to life halfway the 18th century. Its inventor (I must say, one of the inventors, because a German scientist Von Kleist did the same thing independently from the Dutch) was Van Musschenbroek.
    And the fun thing is:
    before I came to the UK I lived in the Van Musschenbroekstraat in Utrecht for about
    25 years ….
    And to go back to the clue, the typical Araucarian thing is:
    to link ‘study’ with ‘university with jar’, to obtain great surface reading.

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