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Enigmatic Variations 880: Revelations by Kcit

Posted by Dave Hennings on September 26th, 2009

Dave Hennings.

Luckily for me, a fairly straightforward offering from Kcit this week. I got back from golfing hols on Sunday, and everything has bunched up nicely, including some crosswords that need solving and blogging … oh, and some real work too, which is nice. So no time for a treatise on this occasion.

A letter falls from 9 of 13 columns into the bottom row to start a “revelation”; the initial letters of clues, for which the answers need to be entered jumbled, finish the revelation. The remaining 4 rows have thematic items highlighted.

THE SCALES in the bottom row start the revelation, FELL (the missing verb), and then FROM MY EYES finishing it. The thematic words in the remaining column are four scientific scales (well three of them are): RICHTER, BEAUFORT, MERCALLI and SCOVILLE, the latter in Webster’s Millennium Dictionary. I suppose they can all be thought of as measuring things that are catastrophic, Scoville being the measurement of chilli pepper strength, the strongest of which would certainly blow your head off.

Solving time: not too sure, but I think about two hours, most of it in bed recovering from 108 holes of golf!

ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden
X = letters dropping to bottom row and excluded from wordplay

1 IMBRUTED* degraded, once: (MUTE BIRD)*; I couldn’t really justify ‘found’ as an anagram indicator, but I could be wrong
6 ESTRO culminating inspiration: E + ORTS<
10 AIGRET spray of jewels: A (one) + I + REGRET (rue) – RE (about)
11 CAUDEX* stem: (A + C (Carrot initially))< + (cr)UDE(ly) (crUDEly trimming edges) + X (mark of cross)
12 ICER bakery employee: (D)ICER (kitchen utensil missing front)
13 DICHROMAT* visually impaired person (who might see an orchid as dull?): ORCHID* + MAT (dull)
14 DUCKSHOVER* Melbourne thief: DUCKS (avoids) HOVER (helicopter, US)
17 SADIRON heavy metal utensil: INROADS*
20 ECHOES* memories: E + CHOSES (French for things) – S (special)
21 SALLOW* yellowish: S (front to Sales) ALLOW (permit)
23 ORDERED arranged: ORD (old weapon’s point) suppressing (holding in) DERE (old injury)
27 ASBESTOSIS* lung disease: BEST (elite) OS (sailor, ordinary seaman) in AS IS (unaltered)
28 ACARIDIAN* mite: A (one) + (ACID RAIN)*
29 VAIL 3 meanings: no longer disguise & lower & profit; “on each occasion in the past” refers to each definition being obsolete or archaic, although the initial “no longer” seems to be superfluous
30 SALOON exhibition area: ALOO (potato) in Sn (tin)
31 EDIBLE likely to promote scoffing: (CR)EDIBLE (75% of crEDIBLE)
32 EIKON image: I (one) K (king) in EON (time)
33 YESTREEN* last night, Scot: YES (sure) TREE (plane, say, ie an example) + N (Norway)
1 DAIKOS drums: DAIS (platform) filled with KO (knockout)
2 EGESTED discharged: EG (say) (T)ESTED (tried without leader)
3 TERROR naughty child: T (little time) + RRR (educational staples, ie the three R’s) absorbing O (nothing)
4 SITHENCE after, Spenser and Shakespeare: THE N (north) covered (ie surrounded by) ICE
5 CUPIDS love symbols: ID in UPS (successful periods)
6 EXTRADOS part of arch: SORTED* receiving X (cross)
7 TALMA cape: (A MAT (rug))<
8 RED CROSS health workers: DROSS (refuse) holding C (first of Casualties) after R (resistance)
9 SOUDAN African country: OUD (arab instrument) + A + N (north)
15 TERMINI bus stations: TEAR (sign of unhappiness) – A + MINI (small car)
16 FORTRAN computer language: FORT (trading station) + RAN (operated)
18 ALLICES fish: ALL (everyone) ICES (kills, a la Al Capone)
19 RAGBABY old doll: B (book) in RAG (horseplay) BAY (horse)
22 WHALER ship: W + R (starts to Wallow and Roll) around HALE (sound)
23 TODDLE young child: ODD (strange) + (A)LE (beer without head)
24 DONUT sweet treat: DO (party) + NUT (fruitcake, ie madman)
25 LEVIN lightning: SNIVEL< (whimper) – S (sun)
26 WHISK old collar: IS in WK (work)

2 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 880: Revelations by Kcit”

  1. Mike Laws says:

    In the paper version, 11 across began “Brought back…” which gave FBOM rather than FROM MY EYES. Since Dave doesn’t mention this, do I presume the online version was different?

    I suggest it was intended to start “Returned…” but got altered somehow at a late stage.

    That didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the puzzle, though.

  2. Dave Hennings says:

    Thanks for mentioning this. I did come across the mistake when I solved the puzzle (paper version) but completely forgot it when I did the blog a couple of days later. Slap wrists.

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