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Independent 7154 (Sat 19 Sept) – Tyrus

Posted by petebiddlecombe on September 26th, 2009


This was as tough for me as the first couple of Tyrus puzzles I tried in the Independent. I don’t have an accurate timing for it but would guess about 45 minutes until I decided to cheat on 5D. The bottom unches spell out SIMONE, but apart from a well-known Simone being called Nina, as indicated by 1D’s clue. The top edge gives Nina NANNAR – the media and arts correspondent for ITV News. I thik that’s all – I could find no well-known Nina Cameron or Nina Susan to go with them from other edge answers = “fringe characters”.

8 EARLIES = ” ‘urley’s” from actress Liz
10 M(CJ)OB – CJ=egghead from C J de Mooi, who appears in the Eggheads show on BBC2 at 6 pm on weekdays
11 OVERHEADS = anag. of (ever so hard) less one R, indicated by “not right” – usual reservation about this indicating “not right 50% of the time”
12 RESOUNDED – U in endrosed*
13 D(R)OWN
14 NOW THERE’S A THING = (nightwear’s on the)* – nicely done clue
18 S(P)END
19 T,HE-MAN,(kille)D,U.S.
21 ANDROMEDA = (man adored) – I assume the classical Andromeda was a princess
23 TORSO = roots*
24 FREE,SIA(m)
2 AIRBRUSHED – “Ir(n) Bru”=”nameless rink” in heads*
3 N.E.,WORD,E.R.
4 NEREID – anag. of ((n)EEDIN(g), plus R = “a little readhustment”), indicated by “dish” – a very well-disguised clue
5 ARCH(er) – the Lord being Jeffrey Archer
6 RIG=doctor,A,TONI=into*
7 C(AMER(ican))ON
9 SU(S.A.)N
16 SCENARIO – IRAN rev. in Coes*
17 GO=work,SPORT=play – with work and play in the clue, I’m slightly surprised there was no mention of Jack = a sailor
18 STAFF(a) is the island, and “man” the def.
19 THE RAM = rev. of MARE,H,T
20 DORMI(c)E
22 OSSI = East German, the clue’s divided city being Berlin

2 Responses to “Independent 7154 (Sat 19 Sept) – Tyrus”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Very good puzzle, with a NINA of NINAs being a nice idea. Not got the puzzle now, but think my favourite was OSSI which, I think I remember was a very clever hidden with an &lit touch.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Found the paper now, the clue for OSSI was “In divided city one restricted from crossing”. Brilliant, that.

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