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Financial Times 13,194 / Neo

Posted by Agentzero on September 29th, 2009


The usual collection of clean and interesting clues from Neo.

1 ROCHDALE CH (church) +AD (after Christ) reversed, in ROLE.  “After Christ” should be read as after birth, not death  
6 BUTTON BUT (only) TON (style)
10 THRENODY RE (about) NOD (err as would Homer) in THY (old “solvers'”).  Per Alexander Pope, “Those oft are Stratagems which Errors seem,
Nor is it Homer Nods, but We that Dream.”
11 HEBE hidden in tHE BEst
12 GINGER SNAP GINGER (redhead) SNAP (to bite suddenly)
14 STEFANIE *(FEAST) + EIN (one from Berlin) reversed
16 ONLY dd
18 STYE hidden in naSTY Eye  Nearly an &lit!
19 OUTPLAYS *(AUTOPSY + L (trainee))
21 NEWSREADER *(Serena Drew)
22 OBOE [h]OBO (vagrant minus H for hospital) + E (place, finally)
24 CASANOVA CASA (house in Spain) NOVA (new, to Roman)
26 IN A WAY IN (at the crease, in cricket) AWAY (out)
27 ATWOOD AT (by) WOOD (the copse).  Margaret Atwood, the Canadian writer.
28 EDGED OUT EDGED (“gave slips chance” to catch an edged ball in cricket) OUT (dismissed)
2 OLIVE d&cd
3 HOUSE OF KEYS d&cd The House of Keys is the legislative assembly in the Isle of Man
4 AVENGING [r]AVEN (topless bird) GIN (drink) G (German)
7 TEN cd
8 OLD BAILEY O (offenders at first) + *(LIE BADLY)
15 TO THE LAST d&cd
17 STIRLING STIR (excited reaction) LING (heather)
20 SECOND dd
23 OTARU O (old) TAR (sailor) U (uniform)
25 ADO AD (notice) O (nothing)

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,194 / Neo”

  1. Neo says:

    Nice blog, Mister Zero.

    Personally I attribute the lack of comments not to some dread, all-pervasive aversion to bankers and all they stand for, but to the fact that (at 2023 hrs) the puzzle has yet to appear at the FT website.

    Bummer when that happens, and so I think I’ve been lucky to be blogged at all … does Gaufrid allow expenses to be claimed for newspaper purchases when they become necessary, I wonder?

    Many thanks.

  2. The Trafites says:

    I haven’t done this, but there is a very hot topical answer in here – SNOW LEOPARD

    See Groklaw


  3. Agentzero says:

    Thanks, Neo. The Tuesday FT is becoming a semi-regular spot for you, it seems.

    It so happens that the FT is the paper I read on the train in the morning anyway, so I’m not adversely affected by their periodic website delays. It does seem to cut down on the number of regulars here who do the puzzle, though.

    I was too rushed to mention it while blogging, by the way, but I particularly liked the way the anagrams in 5dn and 8dn fit into the surface meanings of the clues.

  4. Neo says:

    Thanks again, AO.

    As a PC user I’d no information on 13dn (other than that it goes grrr and eats sheep) until yesterday, when I had cause to investigate a problem I’m having with a sampling program. It seems that in OSX 10.6 the situation is sometimes even worse, so here’s to XP.

  5. Nathan Jesurasingham says:

    Hi all

    I really enjoyed this puzzle. I had never done a Neo puzzle before, but loved this one so much that I will definitely be doing more of his puzzles in future.

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