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Independent 7165 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on 2nd October 2009


Unusual one, this. When I saw the small number of cells around the perimeter and the unusual grid (with 360 degree symmetry, I think), I thought ‘Nina’, but the only one I can find is the second half of 20 across. Not too hard a puzzle, solving time, 20 mins. One where I do not see the wordplay, 17 down, though I’ve confirmed on the website that the answer is correct.

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Guardian 24,820 / Araucaria

Posted by Andrew on 2nd October 2009


A nice challenge from Araucaria today, with almost entirely Ximenean clueing. I was particularly pleased to be able get the Shakespearian references in 1ac and 9ac without assistance. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 7160 (Saturday Prize Puzzle – 26 September) by Nimrod

Posted by duncanshiell on 2nd October 2009


This is the second successive Nimrod puzzle that I have blogged for Saturday Independents, so I guess I knew what to expect in terms of both general knowledge and difficulty. Both were at the challenging end of their respective scales.  I had to resort to a bit of research to confirm some of the answers.  For example, Bert Lahr, American actor was unknown to me, and possibly will return to my obscurity failrly rapidly.

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Inquisitor 143 – PRIMARY REFERENCE by Samuel

Posted by HolyGhost on 2nd October 2009


Samuel’s first puzzle as an Inquisitor, but he’s a setter familiar to Listener solvers, notably with #3975 and more recently with #4038.
Twelve thematic clues are of the “Definition & Letter-Mixture” sort. In the remaining clues, the wordplay leads to a superfluous letter, and these spell out the primary reference, the unclued entry at 1a being a related name.

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