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Inquisitor 143 – PRIMARY REFERENCE by Samuel

Posted by HolyGhost on October 2nd, 2009


Samuel’s first puzzle as an Inquisitor, but he’s a setter familiar to Listener solvers, notably with #3975 and more recently with #4038.
Twelve thematic clues are of the “Definition & Letter-Mixture” sort. In the remaining clues, the wordplay leads to a superfluous letter, and these spell out the primary reference, the unclued entry at 1a being a related name.

With about a quarter of the regular clues solved, the first part of the primary reference seemed to be Oxbridge and the last part Dictionary, with English maybe fitting in between. Of course, no such book exists, but the Uxbridge English Dictionary does, and the theme was soon confirmed by RETARD at 10d and BATHOS at 23d.

As the late Humphrey Lyttelton might have said: “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” – and indeed, HUMPH was the unclued entry.

PS I have a problem at 22d: the wordplay needs to produce a superfluous N, but at best I can generate I from IS.
    This problem is now resolved – the wordplay should have indicated the odd letters of CANNY, instead of the extreme ones; see Comment 4 by Mike Laws.

PPS The published solution gives 16d as CHILIAST instead of CHILIASM; see Comment 6 by Dave Hennings.

No. Answer Extra
Wordplay, Answer (~Definition)
1 HUMPH {see preamble}
5 SMOTHER U SUM (=chief points) + TO rev. + HER (=woman’s)
12 HIRSUTE […IT USHER]*, HER SUIT (~ladies’ clothing)
13 TALL MEN X TAX (=charge) + (wi)LL + MEAN – A(mateur)
14 CAPUT B CAB (=taxi) + PUT (=drive)
15 PHAEIC R [(ma)I(den) + CHAP + (h)ER]*
17 EMBELLISHER I EMI (=record company) + BELL (=ring) + [HIRES]*
18 TWO-EDGED D T (=160) + W(omen) + DODGED around E(cstasy)
21 KIND G KING (=ruler) + D(ied)
22 SCUM […CUS M…]*, ‘S COME (~has arrived)
23 BORDELLO […ORD BELLO…]*, BORED ‘ELLO (~blasé greeting)
28 SEDATE […E STADE]*, SAID EIGHT (~meant nine)
32 EMBOSOM N EM (=space) + BOSON (=particle) + M(ass)
33 LACTOSE [COATS LE…]*, LACK TOES (~frostbite)
34 ATTESTS G ATT(orney) + GESTS (=exploits, obs.)
35 TOMAN L T(he) + OLD MAN (=gaffer) – D(iamonds)
No. Answer Extra
Wordplay, Answer (~Definition)
1 HOTPOT […T PHOTO…]*, HOT POT (~stolen drugs)
2 UTAH I [HIATU(s)]*
3 PILE […IL PE…]*, PAIL (~bucket, Australian pronunciation)
4 HOMIE S HO (=stop) + MISE (=payment to secure certain privileges)
6 MINGLER H MIN(ister) + HAGGLER (=negotiator) – A(ttorney)-G(eneral)
7 ORCHID […IRDO CH…]*, OUR KID (~son, Brummie accent)
8 TSATSKE D [T(wo) + T(ruro) + S(ynagogues) + ASKED]*
10 RETARD [TRADE R…]*, RIGHT HARD (~very difficult, Yorkshire dialect)
11 GLAMOURS C G(overnment) + CLAMOUR (=uproar) + S (=$, dollar)
16 CHILIASM T I + LIT (=followed) in CHASM (=hollow)
19 EMIRATE I I(ndo)-E(uropean) + MIR (=commune) + ATE (=upset)
20 GOLDEST O GO (=to be spent) + OLD + EST(ate)
22 SCYLLA ? (i)S + C(ann)Y + ALL (=completely) rev.
23 BATHOS [SHOT A B…]*, BATHOS [portmanteau BAD ATHOS] (~unsuccessful musketeer)
24 ONE-MAN A O (=0, love) + MEAN (=poor) rev. + AN (=if)
26 U-BOAT R RUB OUT (=murder) around A(ctive) – U(ranium)
27 SEBAT Y [BEASTLY – L(uck)]*
29 DODO […OOD D…]*, DOH DOH (~ref. The Simpsons, repeated)
30 TOGA […O GAT…]*, [GOAT]* (~goat, dyslexic)

6 Responses to “Inquisitor 143 – PRIMARY REFERENCE by Samuel”

  1. IanN14 says:

    Thanks HolyGhost,
    I thought this was great (loved “retard”), but, like you, I was confused by 22d.
    Has anyone got an explanation for it, or are we to assume it was a mistake?

  2. kenmac says:

    Hi HolyGhost,

    I left my heart crossword in San Francisco Cap Salou, so could you remind me of the clue to 22d)?

  3. HolyGhost says:

    I don’t have the puzzle to hand, but the clue to 22d was something very close to “Monster is extremely canny, retreating completely”. (The last two words could have been swapped, and “retreating” could have been “withdrawing”, for example.)

  4. Mike Laws says:

    22 down – my fault. I meant to change the original “every now and then” (indicating C-N-Y) to “oddly”, but put “extremely” by mistake.

    Sorry, Samuel, and frustrated solvers.

  5. nmsindy says:

    I thought this was an excellent puzzle, took me quite a while having never heard of the UXBRIDGE ENGLISH DICTIONARY or seen/heard the programme though I had heard of it. The breakthrough to the concept was HOT POT. Thought use of jumble of answers was very appropriate in this case esp as the ‘definitions’ were not normal definitions. Thanks for the excellent blog which has explained 3 or 4 that I did not fully understand tho I had them right.

  6. Dave Hennings says:

    A quick note … the solution in yesterday’s Indy gives CHILIAST at 16dn. HG’s blog above is correct in giving CHILIASM, the belief rather than the follower.

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