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Financial Times 13,197 / Viking

Posted by Gaufrid on October 5th, 2009


Now that Friday’s puzzle has been added to the FT website here is a quick analysis of the clues.

1 JURIST  RIS[k] (much danger) in JUT (project)
4 AMPERAGE  A MP (a politician) E[xpenses] RAGE (anger)
11 GAUZE  U (acceptable) in GAZE (look)
12 BORE  triple def.
13 RESENTMENT  SENT (dispatched) MEN (troops) in [f]RET (worry, not at start)
15 NAIVETY  NA[t]IVE (resident with no time) T[he] Y[ard]
16 REEFER  REF (judge) EER (always) reversed
19 EGRESS  [r]EGRESS (go back initially missing)
21 EXTREME  EX (former) M (motorway) in TREE (plant)
23 GOOSEBERRY  GOOSE (silly person) homophone of ‘bury’ (hide)
25 AGIO  I in AGO (past)
27 EXTRA  hidden in ‘sEX TRAde’
28 TREATMENT  EAT (destroy) M[icrobes] in TRENT (river)
29 SCREENED  RE (engineers) in SCENE (picture) D (degree)
30 SEANCE  SEAN (Irishman) CE (church)

1 JUNK BOND  JUNK (refuse) BOND (join)
2 REVERTING  EVERT (tennis champion) in RING (buzz)
3 SILO  SIL[t] (deposit almost) O (nothing)
5 MISHEAR  IM reversed SHEAR (stress)
7 AMUSE  A (answer) E (energy) SUM (problem) reversed
8 EVENTS  T (time) in EVENS (quits)
9 FINERY  N (new) in FIERY (passionate)
14 DEGENERATE  D E (poor grades) *(TEENAGER)
18 DELOITTE  D (daughter) *(TO ELITE)
20 SHEATHE  SHE (lady) A THE (articles)
21 EARNER  [l]EARNER (student, not initially)
22 AGREES  RE (note) in AGES (a long time)
24 OUTER  *(ROUTE) (cycling course)
26 STYE  STY[l]E (pattern’s left out)

One Response to “Financial Times 13,197 / Viking”

  1. Shuchi says:

    Hi Gaufrid

    Thanks for filling in for me for the Friday puzzle’s blog. I hope that FT fixes the problem of late upload of puzzles.

    I got round to solving today. Enjoyed this, many clues had great surfaces especially the topical AMPERAGE clue.

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