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Independent 7167 by Quaiteaux

Posted by NealH on October 5th, 2009


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def

I can only recall seeing one Quaiteaux puzzle before, so a fairly infrequent contributor. This was mostly fairly straightforward with some nice CDs. There were a couple I didn’t entirely follow.

8 Conversant: Convent about R[o]sa.
9 Echo: CD. Not entirely sure why the first word is capitalised – perhaps it’s to represent the sound gradually reducing.
10 Transifx: Tra[i]ns + fix.
12 Idlest: Idle’s + t (Eric Idle of Monty Python fame).
13 Antigone: Ane (Scottish one) around tigon (a cross between a tiger and a lion).
15 Decimal: Medical*.
17 Impetus: (Me sit up)*.
20 Dietrich: Diet + rich (Marlene Dietrich).
22 Satire: I mainly got this from the fact that it forms part of the anagram in 16, but don’t entirely follow the actual clue. “Consider it as a perverse piece of mockery”. Possibly it’s an &lit with an anagram of “it as” + the er from mockery, but I’m not convinced by that. Hidden, reversed in “Consider it as”.
23 Cashew: Chew around as.
25 Rehearse: DD (quick can mean alive).
26 Taxi: “Vehicle for delivering small order”. The only thing I can think of is that it might be an order of animals which is abbreviated, but can’t find anything suitable. Or maybe it’s just a straight CD – taxis only a carry a small number of people, so a small order. Taxi[s]
27 Resembling: (Be men girls)*.
1 Porridge: CD/DD. Stir is slang for prison (as is porridge) and you can say “in stir”, so stir as a place is probably OK.
2 Evangelist: (Steel ‘aving)*.
3 Profit: Pro + fit.
4 Faux pas: DD/CD (faux pas = false pas).
5 At bottom: DD.
6 Serf: Fres[h]<.
7 Charon: Char + on. Excellent CD for Charon – “underground clearance worker”.
14/11 Great balls of fire: Hom of “grate” + balls of fire (= roasting nuts). Very amusing.
16 As it were: (We + satire)*.
18 Uprising: (pigs ruin)*.
19 Cherish: Cher-ish.
21 In a way: In + away. Very nicely constructed clue.
22 Scheme: [Por]sche + Me[rcedes].
24 Heir: He + IR (although I think properly it should be “former taxmen” because the Inland Revenue is now HMRC).

8 Responses to “Independent 7167 by Quaiteaux”

  1. IanN14 says:

    22ac. Reverse hidden. “Perverse piece”.
    26ac. Taxis (order) with S(mall) “delivered”. (Not the best clue here, I think…).

  2. NealH says:

    Ah, yes. I eventually found taxis – “arrangement or order, as in one of the physical sciences.” Not a very common meaning of the word – most of the online dictionaries I’ve consulted didn’t list it.

    I should have spotted the hidden one but perverse as a reversal indicator is a bit unusual.

  3. Mick H says:

    Nice puzzle – I read NYMPH nymph as you did, Neal – the second word being an echo of the first, therefore smaller. The idea of Indy columnist and passionate lefty Londoner Mark Steel as an evangelist ‘aving fits made me laugh, as did the roasting nuts.
    One correction though – it’s Quaiteaux, no R.

  4. Richard says:

    A nice puzzle. To begin with I thought it would be too easy, as I managed to solve several clues very quickly, but in the end it turned out to be rather more challenging than I had anticipated. Is “Quaiteaux” an alter ego of one of the more frequent Indy setters, I wonder?

  5. NealH says:

    The same idea was mooted in Quaiteaux’s previous puzzle (Indy 7066), but Eimi confirmed that this was not the case.

  6. Wil Ransome says:

    Isn’t the device used in 10ac a hanging offence? Ximenes stresses that since it’s really “I leaves” one must say something like “I must leave”, and this has been followed rigorously so far as I can see. Until now.

  7. Tees says:

    For whom could Richard’s bell at 4 toll? Unclear, but I should like to say that the author of this excellent puzzle is – I believe – Indy’s newest recruit. No ganging of doppels here.

    Thanks Q – especially for 14/11! – and Neal for the usual splendid blog.

  8. Andy Rysztogi says:

    I have 26 across as MAXI, the old Austin rust-bucket!! Small order = Max 1 (item)

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