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Indy 7166 (Sat 3-Oct) Anax

Posted by beermagnet on October 9th, 2009


Another super offering from Anax.  Though I think I have seen stiffer challenges from him in the past, this was most enjoyable with a fine mix of well-formed clues.  Two or three I found from the definition and crossing letters and only understood the wordplay when writing up this blog.   Most difficult corner: Bottom left.

1 FORECAST C A inside FOREST (Nottingham branches)
5 LET RIP “Le trip” “The trip” Franglaiscised
9 CANNABIS CAN (prison) NAB (arrest) IS
10 MEDUSA (MADE US)* AInd: sick.  Easy anagram that was my first answer to go in
11 CONJUGAL RIGHTS I can’t decide if this is a single Cryptic Def. or some kind of DD with one Cryptic part:
They may have to do it for union members (8,6)
14 INESTIMABLE (ELIMINATES B[andages])* AInd: doctor.  I find equating the answer with the given def. “rich” a stretch
17 DNA Reverse alternate (wArNeD)<
18 EFT [l]EFT
19 RETRANSLATE RE (on) T[ime] RAN (managed) SLATE (to propose)
24 WILLOW The Def. is “One weeping” Ref. Weeping willows; WILL (boy) O[ut] (not in) W[ife] (trouble = trouble and strife).  Tricky wordplay to decode. Too tricky for me – I should’ve realised I was straining the conventions by jumping from W to trouble; Correct wordplay from Anax himself: ILL (trouble) inside WOW  (Boy)
25 INUNDATE I (one’s) NUN (sister) DATE (partner)
26 RADDLE Hidden in “togetheR – ADD LEss” I liked “string” as the hidden indicator
27 PLAYMATE (AMY)< (Girl’s back) in PLATE (photograph)
1 FACE F[emale] ACE (one)
2 RONDO R[un] ON (about) DO (achieve) Def “movement” I understood the wordplay only when writing this blog
3 COADJUTOR (JUDO ACTOR)* AInd: Trained. I had never heard of this. I obviously don’t hang around bishops enough, but gettable from the crossing letters and anagram fodder
4 SWINGOMETER WING (political faction) inside SOME (any) TER[m]
6 ELEMI E[arth] inside ELM (tree) I[sland]
7 ROUGH IDEA RUG (hairpiece) HIDE (cover) A[rea] with O (nothing) inside
8 PEAR-SHAPED PEAR (conference) SHAPED (form) Plus 2 defs: “Possibly filling out” and “wrong”
12 LIBRATIONAL LIB[eral] RATIONAL (thinking)  Those with an interest in astronomy will be familiar with this concept
13 EISENHOWER E (Spain) IS (NOWHERE)* AInd: running
15 ENTANGLED ENT (otorhinolaryngology – Ear, Nose and Throat) ANGLED (with elbow).  Frightening-looking -ology decodes to well-known hospital acronym
16 EASY MONEY (YES, ONE MAY)* AInd: jump
21 PROWL P[ublic] R[elations] OWL “Creep who deals wisely with the public?” Ha ha
22 NYALA N[ew] YALA Ref the National Park in Sri Lanka With the clue beginning “antelope” and having N—- this well-known crossword creature quickly sprang to mind so I was pleased to confirm the Park later.
23 HERE Hidden in “tHE REader” Last one in and as so often it turns out to be a Hidden answer that you think you should’ve got sooner

8 Responses to “Indy 7166 (Sat 3-Oct) Anax”

  1. Paul B says:

    In full agreement with you here Beermagnet; another splendid creation from Anax. The only one that got me cross-eyed was 11ac CONJUGAL RIGHTS – ‘union members’ = obvious, but I don’t quite get the overall cryptic meaning.

    Speaking of which, could HUNG PARLIAMENT have been a missed opportunity for one of Anax’s ‘big members here?’ jokes?

  2. anax says:

    Hi chaps!

    CONJUGAL RIGHTS. The confusion over this highlights just how valuable the crossword editor is. First off, just to explain it – I had the idea that “doing it” (that rather juvenile term to suggest sexual intimacy) could be used as one of the things which a list of conjugal rights would include.

    As I put the answer in the grid I was thinking “I’ll be able to get a nice CD out of this” but, when it came to writing, it was harder to string together than I imagined. The published clue was the best I could come up with – that’s not to say I wasn’t happy with it; not a spectacular CD but hopefully enough to raise a smile.

    If I remember rightly Eimi came back with four clues that needed tidying up a bit, which included a question mark alongside this one as he didn’t quite see how it worked. I explained it as best I could and no changes were made. And look what’s happened.

    The clue should have been re-written although, to be fair, CONJUGAL RIGHTS is pretty awful when you’re looking for standard wordplay devices. There is CON JUGS around ALRIGHT but I don’t like that spelling, and JUGS is heading towards a less than tasteful def. The point is, though, Mike’s initial concern was spot on and I’m kicking myself for having stood up for the clue as it was.

    Just a quick note about 24Ac WILLOW; the parsing is WOW (boy!) outside (i.e. not in) ILL (trouble).

  3. nmsindy says:

    I enjoyed this too. Some wordplay was very tricky, and it turned out for me as hard for the Indy but easy for an Anax Indy. Favourite clue, PROWL.

  4. Testy says:

    11A Those in a union may not stand up for them! (8,6)

  5. beermagnet says:

    11A Union members strive, sorry swive, for privileges (8,6)

    Anax, Thanks for putting me right on WILLOW.

  6. Paul B says:

    To me the more important question is whether or not CON JUGS = bluetits. I shall ask around at Man-chest-er.

  7. Richard Heald says:

    4Dn (“Any short term gains within political faction shown by it?”) I thought was a quite brilliant ‘& lit.’, although I think Azed would have inserted a ‘…’ between ‘faction’ and ‘shown’.

  8. Paul B says:

    Mmm … nice.

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