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Private Eye/Cyclops 401 – John and Jimmy

Posted by beermagnet on October 12th, 2009


Thomas and Riddle of course.  Who else would inhabit an Eye crossword …
Not Tom Riddle, that would be … frightening.   Perhaps as frightening as … Cyclops himself  <Ta Da!>  who visited the blog for Puzzle 400 to set our collective mind at rest about the emailed prize submissions. Thanks for the comment, and all the work.
Now let’s decompose this lot ….

7 GHOUL (LUG)< around HO[use]
8 BEACH BALL BEACH (ground)? BALL (testicle) How does Ground give Beach?  Aha! Ground in the sense of “to run aground” Thanks Richard
9 BETTER OFF BEER (piss) around TT (not drinking – teetotal) OFF (dicky)
10 TASTY A ST[reet] (A way) replacing the centre of TORY
11 HITS OUT A “reverse” clue where the answer, HITS OUT, can be taken as the wordplay in a clue for “shit”.  This gets my top clue sticker not so much for the cleverness, really, as for the surface reading:
Rails against “shit” clue in cryptic crossword (4,3)
12 NOSTRIL (SNORT)* I (one) L[arge]
20 EARDROP Hidden in hEARD ROPe
21 WHO’S WHO (SHOW HOW)* AInd: crappy
23/15 JIMMY RIDDLE JIMMY (Scots form of address) RIDDLE (poser) Not sure why I didn’t get this more quickly but it was the one I spent most time on – after getting the answer there only seems to be one way of reading it:
Wee Scots form of address: “Poser!” (5,6)
25 WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR (anticipate) IT (sex). Ref to this being a phrase much beloved of drill sergeants (at least in 60s films like “Carry on Sergeant”)
27 HOODWINKS HOOD (Crook) WINKS (flashes)
28 ERECT ERE (before) CT (abbr. for court)  Nice to see a stiffy as an answer rather than in a clue
2/22 BLUE-COLLAR WORKER BLUE (pornographic) COLLAR (choker) WORKER (operative)
3 HALF-ONE (HOLE FAN)* AInd: vibrated. I thought this was a minimal definition: “A time”, but I can’t think of any other circumstances where “half-one”, half-two” etc. is meaningful.
5 BASS DRUM BUM (Arse) with ASS (idiot) DR (doctor) inside
6 PLAY P[iano] LAY (shag)
7 GAB A inside G[ordon] B[rown] Def. rabbit in the Chas’n’Dave sense. Hang on! Dave’s hung up the flat cap. It’ll have to be Chas’n’Who from now on: BBC Article
8 BLOTTO BLOT (Mark) T[hatcher] O (ball)
11/4 HORSE SHIT Not sure about this one. I can see a Double-Def in there “Mounts Pat” (though this should be Mount’s pat) and “bollocks”, but what is the rest of the clue there for? :
Mounts Pat with force, displaying bollocks (5,4)
This is: HORSES (mounts) HIT (pat with force) Thanks again Richard
13 SCHOOL FEES (SEES FOOL CH[urch])* AInd: rat-arsed
14 LASSO Hidden: CamilLA’S SOlicitors
16 DARTMOOR Homophone: “Dart more” Last one to go in, but that’s not unusual for a homophone for me.  I saw it as soon as I got the first letter from the crossing answer.  Clear H Indicator: “By the sound of it”
18 UPSWING UP (lofty) SWING (to be promiscuous)
19 SWAINS (SAW IN S[ex])* AInd: Involved
23/17 JOHN THOMAS (JAM HOT NOSH)* AInd: cooked
24 YAWN (WAY)< [camero]N
26/1 TIT FOR TAT TIT (Bristol) FORT (garrison) A T[ime]

7 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 401 – John and Jimmy”

  1. Richard Heald says:

    In 11/4Dn, the wordplay is HORSES (mounts) + HIT (to pat with force).

    In 8Ac, I think ‘ground’ takes the verbal meaning ‘to cause to run aground’.

  2. The trafites says:

    We enjoyed this again – really is a great fun crossword. And thanks for the alert re Cyclops’ reply, I missed that!

    Ref Richard #1, I agree, this is exactly how we parsed these clues.

    Nick & Lorraine.

  3. Cyclops says:

    Thanks for mentioning my Puzzle 400 posting in your preamble, beermagnet – and for the link, which means I don’t have to re-post the message.

    My best wishes to you and other Cyclops solvers on this forum.

  4. The trafites says:

    Thanks Cyclops, nice to see setters/compilers on here.

    You are a very good (Ximean) clue writer, and how you make each clue (politically)topical and/or smutty for ordinary words is quite brilliant and funny.


  5. Pogel says:

    Liked “tit for tat” – Bristol always makes me smile. Dartmoor was the last to go in, but still not sure I understand it: I got the homophone but what’s the straight bit?
    Yours ignorantly,

  6. Ian says:

    This was probably the easiest – and scatalogical – for some time!

  7. sidey says:

    Pogel, the definition is ‘Can’, slang for a prison.

    I am always amused by Eye crosswords.

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